Saturday, November 13, 2010

I found it!

So today I found an amazing apartment! Its a carriage house behind a larger house and it's just a few blocks from where I live now! The couple who owns it is super nice and they totally renovated the place just a month ago and it's never been lived in. Oh you guys it's perfect! But of course the housing office for campus apartments isn't open on weekends so I have to go in super early Monday morning before my class (which I have to give my final in too) and ask to cancel my housing for next quarter. I'm praying hard this weekend that the office will be gracious and just let me cancel without making a fuss. I need to move this week before I go home for break on Friday!!! I'm so anxious about Monday! I'm gonna go crazy tonight and tomorrow! oh and I would have an off street parking spot all to myself so I wouldn't have to pay for parking over break!!!!! GAHHHH!!!! I just really can't come back to this apartment, I can't stand it. So prayers that the school will cancel my housing for the rest of year would be much appreciated! Well anyway, that's all. Hope you have a nice weekend, and that its not as stressful as mine!


Samantha Spinelli said...

I often read your blog, I really like it. I hope that all goes as you wish! good luck!