Saturday, June 20, 2009

A student yet again...

Well I started school this week. Its just too crazy to me to think that I'm doing a master's program!!! Like woah, when did I get old enough to be working on a masters?? Craziness. Anyway, I think my drawing class will be cool, the prof seems pretty laid back so far. But my drafting class is gonna be intense, we have like two days for our assignments and we're like designing a cooking school/retail/cafe thing....I don't really get it. That prof I don't think is a very good online prof, she doesn't explain things too well. Ah well, at least I've done all the stuff before, some of the students have never done anything in design, and I'm like really? you're doing a masters online, have fun learning all that crap without anyone there to help you!!! What are they gonna do when they're in the CAD drafting classes and they push a button the screen goes blank and they have no idea how to fix it and there's no prof or anyone to help them. Sucks for them! Lol that was mean of me, at least they're going after what they love. I just wouldn't want to be learning design for the first time online. I think once we get through this summer quarter it'll be a lot easier, we have to pack everything into less than two months, so it's pretty intense. 

Not much has been happening lately. I went to part time at work which is great, minus the whole no money part. I'm looking for another job thats closer to home so I can work maybe three days a week not just two. And then I won't have to spend so much to get there. Hopefully something will come up soon. I want a office job so I don't have to work weekends, and if it's part time hopefully someone will be there to trade days if I need to. 

We have some fun trips planned this summer. First is Palm Springs at the end of next month. We're gonna go for a weekend. Our friend Matt is gonna come visit us then too, that'll be fun! We're using my parents time share resort there, it looks gorgeous, I'm excited! Then at the beginning of August we go to Vegas for a girls weekend! WOO HOO!!!! We're staying at the twin's parents time share so it's costing us like barely anything. And there's gonna be 8 of us girls all together! It's gonna be amazing! Then I go home for almost a week the last week of August, just to visit. I think my parentals want to go to Vancouver that weekend I'm there, which I'm like sweet let's do it! And I don't think I'll have classes yet then, so it'll be like a vacay! 

THEN at the end of September I go home for a family wedding and to visit home again, and then like two days after getting back here I leave again to surprise big brother for his birthday in DC. His wife knows I'm coming, but he doesn't!!! My parents are going out there for his bday, and I was all little sister about it and was like ::sniffle sniffle:: I wanna go too ::sniffle:: I love big brother ::bat eyelashes:: How could mom and dad resist saying no to that?? HAHA! Actually mom had already been thinking of flying me out there so it wasn't that hard to convince them. But it'll be great! So lots to look forward to!

Oh Oh forgot! in August Bethanie is moving in with us! YAY!! She got into The University of La Verne which is the next town over from us so we were like um duh come live with us! Ash and I are gonna move into together in the master bedroom, which will be interesting, but I think we'll fit everything fine and it won't be a big deal. It'll just be weird sharing a room again after like three years of not. But whatev, I'm never in my room anyway, so NBD. It's gonna be great though having Beth here! And it's gonna make rent cheaper! YES! haha. 

Well I guess that's everything for now. I'll keep you updated on classes and trips and life!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carrots and dip

Our conversation tonight while watching Spy Game.

(crazy Middle Eastern song playing in background)

Ashlee: I wrote this song.

Heather and I: Oh really did you?

Heather: What inspired you?


Heather and I: CARROTS??

Ashlee: Yep, carrots annndddd dip. 

Me: is that what they're singing? "carrots and dip"

Ashlee: mm hmm

Ashlee: You can make it ring tone if you want. You can probably just search under carrots and dip.

Monday, June 1, 2009

my life in texts cont.

Heather: so my mom was trying to take a pic of a crazy cool bird, but before she could take it I burbed and scared it so it flew away. Lol. I thought you'd appreciate it.

Me: hahahaha that's hilarious, scaring a bird with ur burb. Classic.

Heather: Yeah I know! But I think he put it in his heart as he was going.

Me: Oh I'm sure he did.


I realized this weekend that it's actually starting to feel like home here in Cali. I'm not sure when it happened or how, but this has become home...for now. Seattle will always be my true home, and where I will always want to end up, but I can finally say I feel like I have my own place here. I don't ache/long to be back in Seattle everyday like I did before. I love going up there to visit, but that's all it is now, a visit. I never thought I'd say SoCal feels like home to me! It's crazy, I was always one of the Washingtonians teasing the Californians about how they'll melt in the rain. And now I've become one of those people who is just used to the sun always being out, it's no big D. Of course I do still miss Washington, the people mainly, but I'm good here for now. Mostly I think it's because I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now in my life. And I'm content with it, I can stay here and be happy, I will stay here and be happy. Home.