Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Things I Love for Fall

Now that it's officially officially Fall I thought I'd do a 5 things post of Fall stuff I love!

1. BOOTS!!! Omg, I love boots. I think I have at least 6-7 pairs of boots and I'm planning on getting at least one more pair. I can't get enough of them. I wear them all the time in fall. I love that flat boots are back in, they're so much more comfortable to walk in! And over the knee boots, um hello, so freaking SEXY!

2. Big sweaters! I love these because they are just so comfortable! You throw it on with a pair of leggings and boots and you're good to go!

3. Pumpkins!!! This has nothing to do with fashion, but it's sure is a Fall thing! I get so excited when I spot pumpkins in the grocery stores! I immediately want to buy like ten and carve the heck out of them!

4. Soup. Whenever it hits October it suddenly makes me crave soup! It just seems like such a Fall type of food.

5. Scarves! Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with scarves! I've always loved them, probably because I get really cold so wrapping up in a huge scarf saves me from freezing to death. I get so excited every year when Fall rolls around so I can bring out my scarves! I have a favorite one that my brother got me in Nepal. (the picture below is def how we have to wear them in California, it's way too hot until December to actually bundle up!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for change again.

This is the story of three girls who loved, three girls who lived, three girls who all needed each other at the same time and didn’t even know it.

In Spring of 2008 one of these girls was living in California and two were living in Washington. The two in Washington needed a change but didn’t know what or how to make it happen, so when the first girl got a job near Los Angeles the other two decided they would move down and live with her. They didn’t have jobs, they didn’t have friends and they barely had any money, but they left Washington and all they knew behind in hopes of making something of themselves. And make something of themselves they did. 

They lived life to fullest, they laughed a lot, they saw new things, they did new things, they loved, they lost, they made mistakes, but most of all they had tons of fun. This was the year they would grow up from college girls into women. This was the year they would learn about the harshness of life and the tenderness of friends who love you. This was the year they would remember for the rest of their lives.

This is my story as you probably have guessed. I moved to LA with my two best friends because I needed a change. I was stuck at home in Seattle and didn’t know how to get un-stuck! I knew there was something more but didn’t know what or how to find it. Well I found it. I found life again when I moved here. I broke out of my shell and have really learned who I am. I have had hard lessons I’ve had to go through that broke my heart but I’ve had amazing friends and times that have healed those wounds. I learned how much I can take and how strong of a person I can be when I need. I’ve learned to listen to myself and not second-guess my judgment. I’ve learned to be independent but when to ask for help when I need it. I’ve learned what it means to be a woman. But most of all I’ve learned how to live for me.

Well the past year came and went, June had been a year since I’d moved down here and suddenly there was a change in me. I still loved living here, but I started to feel that it’s just not the right place for me anymore. I pushed the feelings aside and told myself I was just homesick for Seattle. The summer came and went, and I traveled home for a visit and the feelings came back. The day I was flying back to LA I couldn’t stop crying, I didn’t want to leave Seattle again, I wanted to stay. I told myself I’d live down here another year, then I’ll move back up. But that didn’t seem right either, I can’t stay here another whole year, I want to be back up in the Northwest now. So I decided, after much prayer and thought, that in November after Thanksgiving I’m going to move back up to Seattle.

I have no idea why, no idea what I’ll do up there, but I just know I need to go back. California was the right place for the past year, it was where I needed to be to grow, and now Seattle is the right place once again. I’ll miss LA, I’ll miss crazy Hollywood nights, and lying on the beach, I’ll miss being able to take off last minute to spend the night in Vegas. 

Mostly I’ll miss living with my two best friends. They’re moving away from LA too, but they’re going home to Idaho for awhile before returning to Seattle. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do without them. We’ve been through so much this past year together, we’ve grown together this past year and we’ve just had a freaking blast! Before we moved down here I told my mom this next year is going to be “The Year of Fun!” And it totally was! We had so much fun living here and doing all that we could it’s disgusting. We’ve stayed up till 3 in Hollywood dancing the night away, we’ve hiked through the mountains here, we’ve gone to the beach, we’ve seen tons of concerts, we’ve met famous people, we did what we wanted when we wanted because it didn’t matter to anyone but ourselves.

Our story doesn’t end here though. It’s just beginning of a new chapter to our book. A chapter we have no idea what holds for us, a chapter which will probably have ups and downs as any good story has. I know for sure the chapter will have more lessons for us whether they be hard or not, I know we’ll grow through our experiences just as we’ve grown in this past chapter. I thank God everyday for my time here, it was my lifeline just as I was about to drown in the nothingness. I thank God everyday for my two best friends who brought me back to life after a really horrible year at  home. This has been the best year of my life, and while I’m sad to be leaving it behind I know that the future will be just as exciting and full of adventure as the past has been.

Everything Adventurous.

(See you soon Seattle)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have this really super cool amazingly awesome thing I want to blog's still a secret. LIFE IS SO HARD! It will be coming soon though. Get ready for this jelly?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another 5 Things!

This is my new favorite thing to blog about now! So without further ado here's 5 things I love right now!

1. Taking a bath!

I love soaking in my tub with my book, even just for like ten or fifteen minutes. It's the best thing of the day!

2. Flip flops.

I haven't worn my flippy floppies for about two and a half weeks now since I've been in Washington and I miss them so much! My favorite brand are Reefs. They're the most comfortable. And I always get black, that way they go with everything.

3. Candy.

Hi I'm Jenny and I'm addicted to sugar.

4. Mail

I LOVE getting mail, even when it's nothing exciting, I still love getting it. It's the best ever when it's a letter or card from someone you love.

5. Netflix

I absolutely love Netflix! I get so excited when I know a movie is on it's way, especially when it's one I really want to see.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Things I Love

1. The Mighty Boosh! My best friend introduced me to this British show a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! It's one of those that makes no sense at all yet is so amazing. I'm pretty sure you should be watching it while high, but seeing as how I don't do that I'll never know, and I really I think it's fantastic anyway without it.

2. Cats. I love cats. I'll be that old lady with tons of cats, and I readily admit it to anyone who asks/is concerned. 

3. Leather Jackets. I have this one I got in Italy three years ago and it's probably my favorite thing in my wardrobe. I love it like a child. (thats a pic from two years ago in Sydney Australia with my mum...and my jacket.)

4. Popple. I have this green Popple I got when I was one year old from my mom and I think he's the coolest. Popples are probably one of the best kids toys/things ever! Whatever happened to them? They're too cool for kids of the 90's and 2000's? (what is a Popple anyway? Who came with that creature? They should be given a cake for their awesomeness.)

5. Last but not least right now I love leggings. I wear them all the time, I wish I had more and in more colors and fabrics and lengths and styles. I love love love them. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I found this post on le love And it made me think of my best friends and I wanted to say to them that I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! I love you guys so much its ridiculous. 

Dear LeLove,

Let me just start off by saying I absolutely adore your blog and look forward to new posts and updates when I'm sitting at my desk at work with nothing to do. ( and luckily its one of the sites I actually have access to.)

I know a lot of the posts are dealing with boyfriend/girlfriend romantic love and relationships. As much as I enjoy reading the cute, sad, touching, amazing stories about this type of love, I think an extremely special form of love has been left out.

The love I am referring to is the love you have for a best friend. It’s unique and so important to have. It’s more than just affection for someone; it’s a deep underlying connection. The comfort of knowing you can tell them everything, and not have worry about being judged. The first person you tell when something exciting happens, or when something scary happens. The person you turn to when you need to vent. The person you can laugh at because they will just laugh back at you. The person you need to tell things to so your brain doesn’t explode. The person who can make you feel better when you’re having a tough day, the one you turn to for advice. . The person you can have full conversations with by merely exchanging glances. And maybe most importantly, the one you tell all your secrets to, especially boy secrets.

Someone once told me they thought it was creepy how my best friends and I said “I love you” to each other often. I told them: I think when you love someone; you can’t help but sound at least a little creepy. Love is love. No matter if it’s for your Mom, your cat, a boy, or your best friend. And when you are lucky enough to have people to love, and be loved, you need to let them know how thankful you are for that, and how much you love them back...

You had hopes, admit it. You know you did.

Excerpt from Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares:

Do I want you to notice me? She wondered, leaning so close to the mirror that her eyes formed one large Cyclops eye.

The mirror in the cramped cabin was speckled with gray and only showed the story from mid-hip to mid-forehead. If she backed up, she'd be sitting on Katie's messy bunk.

She shouldn't care about this so much. She felt an annoying buzzing around her head: expectations, clustering like so many mosquitos. she did not like those. She refused to have them.

She would just...throw on the first pair of shorts she found. And okay, so they were the really nice short blue Adidas ones. And the first top. Well, the second, because that was the white tank with the racing back, and it looked better than the first one. And the hair. She'd just leave it down. She was not setting a trap. She was not! She was a hurry. A coach could not be late. She pulled a hair elastic around her wrist just in case.

She loped our of the cabin barefoot, swinging her cleats by the laces. She'd grown so much, she would probably be taller than Eric in her cleats.

Five coaches were already milling around on the center field. One of them happened to be Eric. Not that her eyes went there first.

...Bridget sat down in the middle of the field and plucked out the socks she'd balled up in her shoes. She pulled them on and laced up her cleats. She felt the warm sunshine on the top of her head.

It's different now. It's all different, she was telling herself. But she was not sure her self was listening. Eric circled close to her, with the slightly bemused expression he had often worn around her two summers before. She followed him with her eyes.

...She ended up at Eric's side as the director called out the teams. Not entirely on purpose. He was the only one she knew. (How strangely she knew him.) And it was a perfectly natural place to stand.

It'd not like I'm going to do that again, she promised herself.

Sometimes when she though of Eric, and now more powerfully when she was him, she felt some achy nostalgia for her old self. For the dauntless, daring soul she used to be. There was something vaguely enchanted about that time. There were certain qualities you possessed carelessly. And you couldn't retrieve them when they were gone. The very act of caring made them impossible to regain.

Not all of that spirit was gone. She still had it, but had a more tempered version. That time with Eric in Baja had been both the height of that magic and its calamitous end. He had managed to inspire both.

She was a bit more fragile now. Or no. Maybe she was less fragile. Maybe she had come to terms with her injuries and knew how to protect them. She was more self-protective, that was true. But she was a girl without a mother. She had to protect herself.

Bridget had the sense that she was already popular among her constituency. The boys assigned to her made a big thing about it among themselves. As they gathered around her now, some looked boldly admiring and others just looked terrified. She had several capable, well-muscled kids. One of them, a blond, spoke English with an accent. For some reason, the face that drew her belonged to broad-faced, freckled, sharp featured kid with long, gangly legs and extremely large feet. He had a great face--all eagerness--but even just standing still made him look uncoordinated. He was going to be a project, she could tell.

While their teams put on their jerseys she found herself standing near Eric again. "Your popular, aren't you? I've never felt like such a letdown." Eric said, laughing, and she was pleased if he meant what she thought he meant.

"So how's it going?" She asked him coolly. She wanted him to know she was different now. "You look tan."

"I just got back from two weeks in Mexico"

Bridget felt her face strain. What was he trying to say to her? She'd never been the kind of person who'd over-thought people's motives, and she didn't feel like starting now.

From his face, he seemed to recognize that he had already shoved them into slightly awkward territory.

She cleared her throat "How was it?"

He was uncomfortable. "We stayed with my grandmother in Mulege. And then we traveled down to Los Cabos and ended up in Mexico City for a few days."

Bridget heard one word louder than the others. He was doing that we thing. What was we? Who was we? She wasn't going to stand here wondering.

"Who is we?"

He paused. He wasn't looking at her anymore. "We? Oh, uh, me and Kaya. My girlfriend."

Bridget nodded. His girlfriend. Kaya. "Wow. Good for you."

Had he wanted to tell her this? Had he not wanted to tell her?

"See you" Bridget said numbly, walking away to stake a place for her team to gather. She wished she could have blasted those buzzing, swarming expectations with a can of bug spray.

You had hopes, admit it. She hated dishonesty, especially in herself. You know you did.

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 things I Love

I stole this from Heather ( and she stole it from another blogger. I thought it was a fun idea! Anyway here are 5 things I love right now.

1. Murroughs Welsh Tea

I drink it every morning. I love tea, its from my British heritage and growing up drinking tea with my great grandma

2. Twitter

I didn't think I'd actually like it when one of my bestie's made me get an account but now I'm totally addicted.

3. Red toe nail polish!

I love love love having red toe nails! My toes are always painted, I can't remember the last time they weren't!

4. Shorts

I never really wore shorts until I moved down to California. I was a cropped jeans type of girl or dresses. But now I love wearing shorts! And we can wear them year round here! Its amazing.

5.  Silver

I freaking love anything silver! Like ANYTHING! I have no idea why but I just do! I love purses/bags, belts, shoes, clothes, jewelry, EVERYTHING! Don't worry I don't go too crazy, only one silver thing at a time....usually.

That was fun maybe I'll try and post more of these 5 things I love right now!