Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wild Kangaroos

Today we did the tourist thing and went on a tour of the Blue Mountains. Sometimes it is just better to be a tourist than to try to go it on your own. So we started by driving to the mountains which aren't mountains at all but a giant plateau broken up, so really it should be called the blue broken plateau. And the reason they are called blue is because of the eucalyptus trees which let off oil into the air so the farther it goes on the more blue the "mountains" look becasue of the oil haze. I looked for koalas all day in the trees but there were none. After we stopped at a look out we went to a huge falls, that was pretty. Then we went to "Scenic World" which used to be an old coal mining area that they have now turned into a tourist attraction because of the rainforest there. It's a temperate one like ours. The coolest thing there was the steepest railcar in the world! We rode it down to go on our walk through the forest. It was used for the coalminers as a way to get down to the mines. So you go at almost a 90 degree angle down and you first go through a tunnel that is basically pitch black and they play Indiana Jones. But it's only like two minutes down. After that we had lunch at a cute little town where I, or my mom rather, bought a cute pillow for my couch. Then we went to see the wild Kangaroos! It was great! They were just grazing, eating they're evening meal. And there were big ones and little ones, and I wanted to hug them all, but they would've kicked me and probably bitten me also, so I decided not to. Finally, sadly we had to leave the roos after twenty minutes and then we went on a boat ride from the Parramatta river into Sydney Harbour, we under the Harbour bridge which was fun, but we've seen the Harbour from boat already so it wasn't that amazing really, plus it was dark. Then came home and had chicken soup and watched tv all evening and are now probably going ot bed soon and then sleeping in and then going to HARRY POTTER a whole day earlier than any of you! haha.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Zoo cont.

So anyway the zoo was fun and had way better animals than the zoo at home. Today we're going to find a health food store someone told us is close to the shopping center up the road. It shall be an adventure. I've decided though that I am totally sick of having to walk everywhere, I miss my car! If I had a car it would only take like five minutes to get to the shopping center, none of this 20 minute business. Oh well. At least I'm not polluting. Last night we looked up my classes to register for and its so weird, they're all this strange block scheduley thing. So I'll start one class on the 23rd when classes start, and I'll go either twice or once a week to that until the beginning of August and its done. Then I start the second one in the beginning of August until sometime and the other two are the same, and then I'm done with classes on Oct. 12th or something like that, but I probably will have assignments due in November because the semester isn't done until Nov. 17th. So basically I don't have one class for more than five days within a few week period; but the classes last ALL DAY. Like 9:30 to 5:30! I'm going to die. I'm just going to die. I'm doing four classes but none overlap except for the last two for just a few days in Sept but not the same days one ends in Sept and the other begins. My brother said the classes are probably that way because my degree is mid-professional degree for most architects and designers, so then with this weird class schedule they only have to take five days off from work or whatever. And we looked and the Lighting degree is the same way, so when I start that one I'll have these crazy class schedules too. Oh ya I don't if everyone knows that I'm doing Sustainable Design now, because the school didn't really tell me it would be a problem to start Lighting late until like three weeks before we were leaving, so I had to make an executive decision to start Lighting in March 2009 when the next two year cycle begins and do Sustainable Des. during the meantime. So this degree is a year and a half. So this semester and next year, and then I'll start Lighting. So yeah. Well thats all. Ok I love you bye bye.

The Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo! It's amazing! First you take a ferry there across the bay, which I like ferries so I enjoyed, then you get there and take a gondola ride over the top of the zoo because its built on a hillside so it drops you at the top and you work your way down. We did a walkabout with kangaroos, and saw bunches of koalas, including a baby one sticking its head out of it's mommy's pouch. And the one man koala is named Ken the Koala, that made me laugh. Oh and an Irish man told us all about the Koalas which made me happy. And my new favorite animal is a Bilby, they're super awesome, I never saw one before yesterday. Ok well thats all I write for now, we're going to church. I'll more later.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm mad

because my apartment is stupid. Its like a dorm room, the bed is in my living area and I have a sucky bathroom and barely a kitchen, I'm not sure you can call it a kitchen. So yeah, I'm not happy about that.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

That's not a Sydney accent.

So today we went to Hillsong Church, it was good, but it was a speaker from Texas so that didn't help as to whether we actually like or not. So we'll go again next week and try it out. Tomorrow I move into my apartment, I'm excited to see what it's like and who my neighbors are! I think also that I have to go to the International Office on campus and "check in" and go through a little orentation thingymabob. It'll be strange being the International student! Whenever I think of international studentsI think of Asians or Africans or somthing exoctic like that. Not a boring old American. Ooo exciting thing, I bought a velvet blazer today, it's beautiful! Just thought I'd share. Well that is all for today; stay tuned for another exciting adventure in "Jenny Goes to Australia!"

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Queueing up and kangaroos

Today was my first day in Sydney. I LOVE THIS CITY! It's like Seattle with an accent and a bit bigger. The one thing that will take me a few days to get used to is that it's the middle of winter in the middle of summer! The stores are having their winter sales now (I saw cute boots for 50% off!). But really it's basically like early spring temperatures. So we had breakfast outside today and all we needed was a light jacket. Breakfast was scrumptious. All day long there were cute Australian boys everywhere! Oh how I'm going to love this city! :) After breakfast we went on a walk about the city, we saw Harbour bridge and the Opera House! It was super exciting (although I do tend to get over excited about architecture)! Then we went to the shopping centre (notice the spelling) because I needed things such as a hairdryer and straightner and a phone. And now we are back at our flat waiting for our mexican food to be delivered! There are three Mexican restaurants in the Newtown area which is where my apartment is! I'm quite excited, and it said one is very authentic! Thats all for today. I'll try and post pictures once I'm in my apartment and all unpacked because then i'll be able to find things!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have my very own blog! how technologically awesome.