Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wild Kangaroos

Today we did the tourist thing and went on a tour of the Blue Mountains. Sometimes it is just better to be a tourist than to try to go it on your own. So we started by driving to the mountains which aren't mountains at all but a giant plateau broken up, so really it should be called the blue broken plateau. And the reason they are called blue is because of the eucalyptus trees which let off oil into the air so the farther it goes on the more blue the "mountains" look becasue of the oil haze. I looked for koalas all day in the trees but there were none. After we stopped at a look out we went to a huge falls, that was pretty. Then we went to "Scenic World" which used to be an old coal mining area that they have now turned into a tourist attraction because of the rainforest there. It's a temperate one like ours. The coolest thing there was the steepest railcar in the world! We rode it down to go on our walk through the forest. It was used for the coalminers as a way to get down to the mines. So you go at almost a 90 degree angle down and you first go through a tunnel that is basically pitch black and they play Indiana Jones. But it's only like two minutes down. After that we had lunch at a cute little town where I, or my mom rather, bought a cute pillow for my couch. Then we went to see the wild Kangaroos! It was great! They were just grazing, eating they're evening meal. And there were big ones and little ones, and I wanted to hug them all, but they would've kicked me and probably bitten me also, so I decided not to. Finally, sadly we had to leave the roos after twenty minutes and then we went on a boat ride from the Parramatta river into Sydney Harbour, we under the Harbour bridge which was fun, but we've seen the Harbour from boat already so it wasn't that amazing really, plus it was dark. Then came home and had chicken soup and watched tv all evening and are now probably going ot bed soon and then sleeping in and then going to HARRY POTTER a whole day earlier than any of you! haha.


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Sound like a great day and is fun to keep up with you via this Blog.

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