Monday, February 28, 2011

Bad Mood.

I need to play the glad game real bad this afternoon! I'm in a bad mood, and it's not often I'm in a truly bad mood. I think I'm just overly tired. Two more weeks left. Two more weeks, I can do this. I can do this, right? So what am I glad about right now, glad it's only two weeks left of these classes. Glad I have my photography project done (I probably shouldn't but I had to just be done with it for sake of time). I'm glad its warm and sunny out, makes for nice laps about the park. That's all I can think of right now. Ok going to watch Oprah, then back to homework that needs to get done for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl Scout cookies

I have a confession. I have never ever eaten one Girl Scout cookie. It's true. Growing up none of my friends did Girl Scouts and we never bought any from the kids selling them; and then I found out I have celiac when I was I didn't have a chance. I've always felt a little left out because everyone exclaims at how amazing they, and really I'm not a huge boxed cookie fan, I like homemade so I can't imagine that they're that great, but sadly it is something I will never know. Unless of course the Girl Scouts open up their marketing to include us gluten intolerant people (hint hint Girl Scouts)! Seriously, they'd tap into a huge market, gluten free peeps would DIE if they could eat Girl Scout cookies. But they can't just do it willy nilly, make sure to get a true gluten free baker to come up with the recipes so they aren't crap. I hate when companies start doing gluten free but they don't take time to make it good. We like to enjoy our treats too, just like the average eater. Anyway, this was just my random thought for the night.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Glad Game.

I was thinking about Pollyanna tonight (Swiss Family Robinson is on tv and the little brother who plays the annoying little boy in Pollyanna made me think of it....just so you know), and thinking of her made me think of her "glad game."

You know the game where she takes an unhappy situation, or an annoyance and finds something to be glad about! In the movie she says her dad read through the whole bible and found 800 verses which tell us to rejoice or to be glad or happy, and if God told us that that many times it must be important. So we should find the happiness in everything.

Well I decided that in the next three weeks, my last three weeks of this quarter I'm going to play the glad game. I'm usually a pretty optimistic person, but I can be a whiner, especially when I'm tired. And I'm tired, this quarter has worn me out. So anyway, instead of being a whiner over the next three weeks I'll make myself find the happy instead!

So here I go. I'm glad that its only three weeks until this quarter is over! I'm glad its less than a month until my parents and aunt come and we go to Hilton Head for a week! I'm glad I'm halfway through my program! I'm glad I got to take a photography class this quarter. And I'm glad its cancelled all week so I get to sleep in tomorrow and Thursday! Oh and I'm glad I had to make floor plans for class tomorrow because it keeps my CAD skills in check. And I'm glad to live somewhere warm and sunny in February so I can go for walks around the park in the afternoons.

So there you go, all the reasons to be glad tonight.

I'm already feeling lighter and happier! And I needed that after the last weeks.

photos from weheartit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First time for everything...

You guys! I got pulled over for the first ever today!!!! It was pretty funny, there were three of us in my car and we were piled high with recycling because we were on our way to make recycled art with kids! Ok and here's the weird part. As we were driving we saw a cop on the side of the road in the median and three cars on the other side then he starts walking into the road and motioning me to stop or something and then to go to the side of road, we were all so confused. And then he's all you were going 50 in a school zone, which none of us knew it was school zone but I was like whatever here's my license. And then they proceeded to take there sweet time writing tickets for each of us pulled over while taking turns using the speeding gun on cars coming! Another girl got pulled over while were sitting there. Finally the cop came over and goes um did you know your license expired? I must have looked really shocked because I had no idea and he was nice and didn't make a huge deal out of it, just said to get it fixed (it's only been expired since my birthday, for some reason I thought it was next year). Anyway they ended up just giving me a warning probably because we were three cute girls in a car and it was my first ticket. But thank God because I have no extra money to pay a ticket!!!! And THANK GOD they didn't take my license away or anything being that it's expired!!!! Do you see what you do to me grad school, you make a total space case when it come to normal life things!!!!!

But anyway our art project with the kids went pretty well. They had fun anyway, we didn't have much time to do it but it all turned out, and will look great in our space at the strip mall.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Still counting down..but looking forward

I'm still over this quarter but this last week was much much better! We finally made some headway on our project that is trying to make a gross old strip mall into a sustainable eco-tourist attraction. Well headway as in we have a scope of our project (my team anyway) and are getting contacts and are moving forward. The other project is still as confusing as ever but I'm just trying to go with the flow. My poor photography class is getting pushed to the back burner, I'm just happy to come out with a B in that class haha! Don't worry I always go for an A, but since that class has nothing to do with anything in my program and it's just for fun I don't really care what grade I get (well as long as it's a B or higher which won't be a problem).

I register for Spring quarter classes next week and I'm so excited for the classes I'm going to take (well two, my required class is going to suck according to others who have taken it already but that's only one out of three)! One is an architectural history class called "villas and gardens"! It sounds super interesting and is a lecture class so hopefully won't be project intensive, I need a project break after these past two quarters. I'd be happy to write a paper! The other is a historic preservation class called "conservation and the creative city" and its about like how historic preservation fits into the way cities are designed and the way they work today! It sounds really awesome! Again hopefully not project intensive...we'll see. I kinda had this sudden calling to do historic preservation, as in this could open doors to a cool thesis project perhaps meshing sustainability and preservation! It was like a light bulb last week so I searched out book on green preservation and am hoping to get them from the library soon to start delving into this subject! What better place than Savannah to work on historic preservation?? I've always had an interest in it (I'm kinda a historic design nerd...well history nerd in general...) so I'm really excited to see what it's all about and what I could do as a project! AND thinking ahead to jobs I think Seattle has a pretty good historic preservation presence so perhaps there are job opportunities to marry sustainability and it together for a job. But we'll see, I still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

But anyway, I'm still ticking off days until Spring Break! I can't wait! Although I wish my girls were going to be here for St. Patrick's Day (which is two after classes end), apparently it's a HUGE DEAL in Savannah. Who'd a thunk it, Irish people in the South. hm. But I'm so excited to go to Hilton Head for a week with the 'rents and my aunt from Massachusetts! I have all sorts of plans for us already...ok not really...just kayaking with dolphins so far. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping. But with an early rising dad and aunt who knows how much sleep I'll actually get....

Wow rambling post huh? Oh a good thing from this quarter is that a new girl started the program this winter and we've really hit it off! So I finally feel like I have a friend to hang out with, and she's going to try and get into the historic preservation class next quarter yay! We all are doing electives next quarter so unless we choose one of the same none of us will have classes together. :( I like going into a class knowing who will be in it, but no such luck next quarter. oh well. Hopefully we'll all stay in touch and abreast of each other's progress in the program. Ok I'll shut up now.

Good bye and good night.