Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wardrobe wednesday

So my outfit started with morning with inspiration from Jessica at What I Wore. I thought it'd be fun to incorporate a head scarf today! 

sorry I have a really crappy picture, no one is home right now so I had to do it myself and the timer on my camera was being I had to mirror it.

close up of the scarf.

I cheated a little with the scarf because its not long enough to do what Jessica does, so i just tied a knot in the middle to give it the same sort of feel. I think until I get my hair done at the end of this month, wearing a scarf will be my new thing! 

Jeans: Forever 21
Tank: JCrew
Sweater: Target
Sandals: Kokka (bought in Athens two years ago)
Scarf: bought in Italy two years ago.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Jenny/Curtis Project: Day 16

Sorry I haven't done a Curtis recipe in oh FOREVER! But trying to figure out this new vegetarian/half-hearted vegan diet has taken all my cooking energy. So anyway tonight I finally cracked open Curtis' book, it made that sad old book being opened sound too...just kidding it didn't, and found a good veggie recipe for dinner! I made the Crispy Vegetable Fritters! Its a great one for summer because it uses potatoes, zucchini's and carrots! Yum! 
These are potatoes from our garden! you're supposed to use one large russet, so these were a bit small but worked fine.

so you start by julienning all the veggies...this would work much better if you actually had a mandolin cutter thingamabob that would julienne for you...yeahhh I don't so had to use a peeler then slice the errr slices? thinner. But it worked out fine. Then you sprinkle it all with sea salt and let it sit for about 10 minutes to get all the excess water out, drain and squeeze more water out. 

Then you mix together a couple eggs and mix that in with the veggies and throw that on the griddle! 

um, yum! basically anything involving fried potatoes is fine by me!

Oh and it must be noted that our griddle is an official lefse griddle, yep thats how Scandinavian we are in this house! And if you don't know what lefse is...well there's no reason to live if you don't know what lefse is so you better find out. When Christmas rolls around I'll share with you the amazingness. We will have our annual lefse making day, its a very exciting day here. Anyway sorry, lefse tangent....

Where was I? Or right Curtis. This was a yummy meal, we had a caprese salad to finish it off. mmmm. Ok well I'm off to eat some peanut butter M&M's. night night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

crazy hair

So I've decided that before I move I'm going to put some streaks of magenta and violet in my hair! Haha! It was actually my mom's idea, she wants a little bit of blue in her hair and I was like I've always wanted color in mine, so we're gonna go together this summer and get it done! I figure I'm going to an art school for the next year, so I can get away with it there, plus its just plain awesome.

source: the look (forever 21)


I'm not going to do anything as intense as these pictures because A. my hair is too short and B. I think it'd be overkill for everyday hair. I'll let you know when I get it done! hehe I'm so excited!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Idaho weekend!

This weekend Janelle and I visted my bff's Ashlee and Heather in Idaho! The main reason for going was the Snake River Stampede (rodeo). I grew up a bit of a country girl so I love a good rodeo and a good cowboy. ;) Janelle had never been to one before this weekend and we were all like um, for serious? And she was like yeah, so we were like you are going to a rodeo with us! We also went to the Boise Music Festival but that ended up being a bit of a bust so we left without even seeing the Backstreet Boys, but it wouldn't have been worth it to stay. Lets just say that after sitting in the sun for over 4 hours and being surrounded by drunk and rude people we were done, D-O-N-E done! So we left and had a bbq with some friends which ended up being one of the best parts of the weekend! It was sad to leave today because I'm moving in just about a month so am not sure when I'll see Ashlee and Heather next. Since we three moved away from LA we've done quite well at seeing each other often, I think the longest we've gone is two months maybe! Not too bad for living and hour and a half plane ride away from each other! So it'll be hard not seeing them for a long time :( but I'll manage somehow I suppose. Anyway, I digress (as my sixth grade teacher would say), here are some pictures of the weekends highlights!




we always have a photo shoot when we're all together, Ashlee is doing her master's in photography, so obvi we have to! 

Front row seats at the rodeo baby!!!

We awarded ourselves with the best dressed of the night award. 

Music festival before we were tired and grumpy :)

Being dorks in a tree house at our apres music festival bbq

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Happy monday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Secret Project!

Ashlee and Heather if you are reading this, DON'T! until'll understand why. ;D

I started working on these secret projects a few weeks ago and I finally finished last night! I gave a hint in my last post of what they were, well here they are!

I embroidered some canvas tote bags for Ashlee and Heather's birthday! They're birthday isn't until August 1st, but since I won't see them then and I am going to see them this weekend I figured I'd do it now! I'm pretty proud of how these turned out, I think they're super duper cute! 

I bought the transfer patterns from Sublime Stitching, the most awesome company! They have really fun patterns and lots of supplies and even kits you can buy! So anyway thats what I've been working. Ok off to finish packing for my trip to Boise!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crafty summer

This summer since I'm not doing classes and I couldn't find a job for before I move I decided I needed some projects to work on. So I started doing some embroidery again! I used to do it a bit when I was little, my mom taught me how, but I just gradually became less interested in it and hadn't stitched for probably 15 years! so I broke out all my embroidery floss, that I've had forever, and my mom's old wooded rings (I'm not sure what you actually call them) and got some things to embroider! I'm not done yet, but will be this week so will show you soon! here's some pretty embroidery inspiration I found.

Its been a fun way to just relax each evening, and I can easily do it while I watch my shows on tv! Ok well off to finish the second embroidery project! yay!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Its strange to think my life is going to change…has already changed…drastically…again. I’m looking change in the eyes. Did I ever look away? When does life ever not change? Is that what adult’s forget to tell you when you’re little? “Your life will constantly change, nothing stays the same, its scary but you’ll be ok...we think.” But what if I’m tired of always changing, what if I’m tired of never feeling settled, of always wondering if this is right or should I have stayed there? But I suppose the only way we ever get anywhere is to change, to let change happen. We learn from our mistakes, or so I’ve been told. Well I’ve made mistakes, lets hope I’ve learned and that the change that comes is better than the change that was. So far, through all that has changed, I’ve been, well, ok. I see where I was, and I see where I’m going, I can’t see the end, but can anyone? Change brings twists, it abruptly turns you ‘round, it stops you in your tracks and starts you over. Most change hasn’t been so bad, but most change I’ve had someone by my side. This time its just me. I’m scared. I’m scared I won’t be able to do it, scared I can’t do it, scared…just, well, scared. But I think mostly I’m looking forward to this change. Its change that’s been needed for a long time. It’s a change that will push me and grow me and…change me. I don’t know where this change will take me, I don’t know who I’ll meet along the way, but that’s part of the fun of change I suppose. You never know.  So I’ll look you in the eyes, change, and I’ll keep staring. You don’t frighten me because you excite me too much. I’ll keep my eyes forward and only look back to remember my lessons learned and to see where I’ve been. Then I’ll look forward again and see where I’m going and where the change has brought me. 

~late night musings of a girl who can't sleep (me)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This Thursday I am going to Boise with Janelle to see Ashlee and Heather and to go to the rodeo!!! YEEHAW!!! I love rodeo's so much! Both times I drove cross country with my brother we stopped in Cody, Wyoming just we could see the rodeo! 

I love cowboys.

And you know I'm gonna wear my cowgirl boots!
(don't worry, mine aren't pink)

Yay for rodeos! Yay for cowboys! Yay for horses! Yay for best friends!
Giddy up!

P.s. we're also going to a big music festival and guess who we get to see...for free....can't guess...ok ready....BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm digging oxfords

I'm so into the oxford trend right now! I want a pair so so so badly!!!

I think they're super chic with everything from skirts to skinny jeans

I am on the look our for an affordable pair for myself. 

how cute and girly are these??

These are my dream pair from JCrew...but I can't afford them right now.
I'm hoping to score a vintage pair for not too much this summer. we'll see.

moving. again.

I'm starting to freak out about having to pack up my life yet again.

Luckily I still have about a month and half to worry about it.
It just gets tiring moving all the time. I haven't stayed in one
place for more than a year and half since I was 18. That's a lot
of packing and unpacking.

The good thing about being a nomad though is that you
don't have much baggage. You learn to let go of objects
and only keep what you need. Also life keeps changing
and keeps you entertained, so you don't get bored too easily.

But it'll be nice when the day comes that I can stay put for 
longer than a year.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its a bird its a plane.

This is a goodbye post to my puppy dog Birdie who you might remember from her birthday a few months ago. We got her 12 years ago when I was in 7th grade. I had had a puppy and was doing 4-H with it but it tragically passed away, and about two days after that happened I told my mom I wanted another dog. I even knew I wanted a Welsh Pembroke Corgi because I had been researching dogs for 4-H.

So we looked in the newspaper and asked my 4-H leader and we found a breeder and AKC shower near us and they just happened to have a 2 year old dog, who they weren't showing anymore because she was too scared to do it and had decided to sell her. So we went to meet Birdie (who's full name is "It's a bird its a plane" the whole family was named after Superman things) I liked her, so we ended up getting her.

I started her in 4-H right away, she was pretty funny, she's not a show dog, it made her too nervous and when she was up on the table for the judge to inspect her the entire table would shake! poor dog. But we had fun. I only did 4-H for one year with her. Then she was the just family doggie.

She's been the best doggie ever and I'll miss her so much. If I were to ever get a dog I'd definitely get another Welsh Pembroke Corgi. They're just the best and so sweet and love their person so much. So anyway we have to say goodbye to Birdie on Saturday, my head knows its the right thing but my heart it having a hard time letting go so I think this weekend and next week will be hard for me.

Bird dog four years ago

in her Halloween costume two years ago

Goodbye my sweet little Bird dog, we'll miss you so much!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bringing up Baby

On the 4th PBS had Bring up Baby on in the afternoon! This has always been one of my favorite Cary Grant movies and I just love Katharine Hepburn, she's cracks me up with how fast she talks and she never makes any sense in this movie and doesn't give poor Cary a chance. And the part at dinner where Cary (David in the movie) is following the dog around because he stole the dinosaur bone, hilarious. Oh I love it. I've also always wanted a leopard since I saw this movie like 15 years ago.


I also have alway had a thing for Cary Grant. He's the perfect man in my opinion. I'm not sure if any other man can ever live up to him. 

Summer is here!

If you live in Washington then you know that its not truly summer until July 5th, then suddenly the clouds part and the sun comes out to play for the summer! And yesterday was no exception, it started out cloudy but ended warm and sunny! We've had an unusually long rainy spring and early summer this year so its very nice to have warm weather finally. Mom and I went to the beach to celebrate today, it was quite blissful.

I want to have a party here this summer, wouldn't that be amazing?!

happy sun bathing!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Music Monday: Katy Perry (California Girls)

I am copying Ashlee today with this music video, I didn't know it was out yet! yay for Katy Perry and her tackiness and her awesome songs! She will forever remind me of driving around in the SoCal sun! Oh how I miss it! Can I still count myself as a California girl? Please? Its been killing me this summer not being able to pop down to the beach or to Disneyland when I'm bored. There is just something about that California sun.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I'm not gonna lie, this 4th is kinda sucky for me. Its not even nice weather out and I'm not doing anything fun. Last year was the absolute best 4th ever, Ashlee, Heather, Jessie and I sat on the beach at Crystal Cove in Orange County all day long and all got burnt super bad and ate wayyyy too much watermelon and fried chicken and had an awesome day. Anyway, happy 4th today, hope everyone else is having a fun time celebrating and watching fireworks, and hopefully its not raining like it is here.