Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Text conversation with Mom

Me: No texting me at almost 11 tonight!

Mom: Well ok then

Me: Well it's the 2nd time u did that! U forget I go to bed early! We can't all be night owls like U anymore sadly!

Mom: I only text once late! Hey!!!

Me: No you did a couple weeks ago regarding Tibby being wild. I have it to prove it! HA!

Mom: War is on!!!!

Me: No! I have to sleep! No war! I sign the peace treaty!

Mom: We will have to negotiate.

Me: Justin can mediate.

Mom: It's too late to incorporate Justin

Me: How much wine have you had?

Mom: Brian says 1/2 a liter.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whats with not wearing hats anymore?

I wish women still wore hats like they did back in the day! I can totally rock hats, so therefore they should make a comeback. Plus it can totally complete an ensemble, a little hat with feathers on top, what could be better?! Let's just go back to 40's fashion, it'd be good for everyone. We'd all be much more dapper.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At work early yet again.

So I end up getting to work at like 7:45 usually and while a feel alittle bad because I usually have nothing to do and just sit around and answer the phone should it ring, I really don't feel all that bad because they know I come in at 8ish so they could leave me things to do in the morning. And I get to leave at 3:45 which the earlier the better for LA traffic. Haha a giant squirrel just walked over the skylight, I love squirrels, now I know what makes the freaky noises every morning! I miss the squirrels at my parents house, they were super entertaining to watch, and the cats love to sit at the window and day dream about being out there to catch them. Poor indoor kitties. Our kitten Blizzard has become more curious about outdoors lately, she likes to sit right next to the door when she hears one of us coming home and sniff at the fresh air. She also likes to go in between the screen door and sliding glass door if it's open, we have to watch her like a hawk to make sure we don't shut in there! Blizzy's gotten big, I just noticed yesterday how much she's grown since we first got her! Archibald has always been giant, so I don't notice if he's grown. I'm frightened of how huge he'll get when he becomes a man cat! He's must be a direct decendent from the Egyptians cats! He's funny, he gets scared really easily and hates new people, but yet is psycho and flys about the house and just this weekend has taken to naps on the stairs! Strange spot for a cat nap I thought, but whatever.

I stayed home from work yesterday because Monday I started getting sick so I went home early from work so I could rest and not get super sick. It worked, I feel much better today, just tired, but that's normal for a person getting up at 5 am who isn't a morning person! I used to be a morning person when I was little, I would bounce out of bed and be all ready for the day. I was like my dad. Now I've inherited my mom's late nights and late mornings. I hate having to be in bed by 9 so I can actually wake up at 5! I feel like a little kid with a bedtime again. I start getting all ready at 8 and freak out if I'm not in bed by 9:15. But we're all in the same boat in our house so it makes it easier.

It's so boring here in the mornings. Because one I'm all alone for about an hour, and two I never have anything to do because Allan and Sandrine are busy getting their work ready for the day and forget about me usually. So I have to awkwardly ask if there's anything for me do. I hate not being able to start myself, hopefully within the next month or so I'll be able to start things on my own more, hopefully we'll get more jobs so I can actually start from the beginning of a project! I came in at the end of all these projects so I have no idea whats going on, or who people are when they email me about something. People think you should just know what project they're from and don't say in their emails so then I'm like what the heck are you asking me about! It's annoying. I'm starting to figure it out more though, so that's good. Well anyway that's all, I don't have anything to take about anymore, so I'm off to sit and ponder life while staring at my computer screen.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life begins again.

So I decided I'd start blogging again, it's fun and I enjoy it. Plus I'll blog but I won't journal, so it's a good way to remember my life. Don't ask about the address for my blog, it's a roommate joke, and we still can't remember how we came up with that saying, it just accidentally happened one night at dinner in Hollywood. And we all thought it was amazing, and now it's our house motto. Also our band name....had we a band.

So anyway here I am in California, doing the Southern Cali thing. Not really, the Southern Cali thing is living in the hills and being rich and trying to be an actress. We're living in a small town with 7 colleges and old people and just trying to live off jobs that pay way too little but look oh so good on resumes. I'm really not sure how long this Cali thing will go on, I still want to do school next year (which reminds me I need to start doing my applications). So pretty much I'm thinking I'm here for a year....which means until August probably. Ok so a year and a month. But if it last longer than that I'm cool with it, it's fun to live in a different state, although the whole not having seasons thing is freaking me out. I feel like it's still August when in fact we only have a week left until October frickin' starts! I've decided that California has two seasons...well SoCal has two seasons...hot and less hot. If it's the end of September and you can still lay outside by the pool in the sun you know you're in California. I kinda miss my rain, but not too much yet, I like having bright days it's much more rejuvinating. But I could use a rainy day everyonce in a while. Seriously the only rain we've had down here was I think my first week here and it rained for 10 minutes at about 9pm. It came like the fury of a thousand suns and was done with a snap of our fingers. It was weird.

So I have a job working for a lighting designer who is basically amazing, and is pretty well known in the design world (which btw is a weird weird world I'm not gonna lie). He's a cool boss and is super nice and he teaches me something new everyday. The days can be boring though, just because I can't do a whole lot yet on my own, so I do boring office stuff. But when I have actually done drawings in CAD Sandrine (the other person who has worked there for a long time) always says they look really nice and I don't have to change much on them other than where I've put some of the instructions or whatever. I've gone on a meeting with Allan (the boss) to a restaurant that we're re-doing lighting for (they did the lighting like 10 years ago) so that was fun to see how that all works. What else have I done...I got to learn all about LED from a rep the other day, they have some super cool new products. LED's are amazing...only a person with a design degree could get excited about LED! That shows how much of a dork I am!

Enough about work, next Friday the girls and I are going to Wicked! I'm really excited to see it, I've always heard it's amazing. The only sad thing is that the original cast members aren't in it, but it'll still awesome. We're gonna get dressed up and go out to dinner and have a fun out on the town. Even though we'll all be exhausted from getting up at 5 everyday and might quite possibly fall asleep during intermission! And then we have Halloween coming up and I'm going to be a bumble bee! I have my costume....well I just have to make it, I'll probably work on it this weekend. Heather's going to be Hannah Montana, and Ashlee is going to be a girl Hulk, she's the only one with her entire costume already. We think we'll go to West Hollywood, aparently that's where the party is at that night. So we were like mmmk. It'll be crazy, and I think we should have leashes so we don't loose eachother! And then the next day! we're going to see She & Him in concert! Oh man! I'm so excited! It'll be great! Well anyway I'm hungry and going to eat food now. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Life Of Jenny.