Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 simple goals

Yesterday Elsie Flannigan came up with the idea to do a goal challenge and blog about it! The idea is to make 4 simple goals to accomplish before the year is out! I have my 25 goals I did for this year on my birthday, and I actually think I've crossed off quite a few so far! Some are ones that just aren't possible to accomplish because they are more a dream than reality (like buying a new car), so I thought doing this along with my 25 goals would be fun! Also these goals are ones that make your life better, whether for your health or happiness. It's not just about results, but about making you a better person! Ok so ready for my 4 simple goals for the rest of the year?

  1. Eliminate eggs and dairy from my diet.  I really really want to try and go vegan, I just feel like my body would really appreciate it! I know people think vegans are crazy, but who cares, I know my body and they don't. I want to be healthy and fell amazing all the time, I don't want to always feel like a 5 (on scale of 1-10) I want to feel like at least an 8 in my daily life! And just know going vegan will help me feel better! So the first step is avoiding eggs. Once I get that down I'll move onto dairy which will be much much harder but doable.

2. Do a craft project once a month. I know once school starts next month my life is going to be classes and homework non stop! But I really would love to create something at least once a month just for my own mental health! Focusing on school all the time is so wearing, and even though my degree is a creative one I still need an outlet to get my hands dirty and my creative juices flowing.

3. Organize my bedroom. In Georgia I'm doing on campus graduate housing, because its much much easier than trying to find my own apartment and moving all my furniture etc with me! So the only space I will have to myself is my bedroom (grad students are in 4 bedroom apartments). And thats where I'll be doing everything, especially homework and projects! I can tend to get rather messy in my bedroom, and weirdly keep the rest of my home pretty organized, so I really really want to try and keep my room organized this next year! It'll make working much easier and keep me feeling relaxed and not overwhelmed with stuff lying everywhere. I also tend to misplace things easily, so keeping an organized and happy room will help with that.

4. Stick to my budget. I will be on a super tight budget while in school due to some extra loans not going through, basically I can pay my bills or eat, at least my tuition and housing is completely covered, its just the living expenses etc. Luckily my parents are super amazing and are going to help me out. They didn't have the resources to help me a whole lot during undergrad due to my dad getting really sick for awhile, so I paid my way through undergrad (back when private loans were no problem to secure). But this time around, being that I am an adult and have life to pay for, and being that getting private loans is basically impossible anymore, I don't have much to fall back on. So I need to make a budget, figure out what bills are each month, what I can spend on groceries, and try and find a little bit of fun money in there if at all possible. But I really need to stick to this budget! I'm not much a financial planner and haven't really had to make a budget before, I just kinda knew what bills would cost and kept it in my account to be paid. But this year I am going to have to budget everything and give myself an allowance and STICK TO IT! No going over, no seeing the most gorgeous top ever and its ok to take some of next months money to buy it, NO! I don't need extra stress while in school, so will try my hardest to stay in my budget.