Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gluten free fad?

There has been so much talk lately about celebrities going on a gluten free diet. And while I think that's great and they are getting the knowledge out there about gluten free I have to say I really feel it downplays the severity of the medical diet many of us are on! I have no idea what celebrities actually have celiac and which don't, but from my understanding many are doing it to lose weight. I'm sorry but for most people on a gluten free diet its not about losing weighting its about being able to eat and live essentially.

Reporters keep talking about the gluten free diet being a fad, um yeah its not a fad in my life! I'm on the diet for life for my health! I'm just worried that when the next new Hollywood diet rolls in restaurants will blow off gluten free items and it won't be as easy to purchase things in stores. Also with many people thinking this is just a trend diet I'm worried about the attention paid when cooking gluten free, especially at restaurants! I, thank God, don't have much of a reaction when a restaurant kitchen doesn't have a designated gluten free area for cooking, but most celiacs do! They can't even eat fried things because the oil for frying is the same oil used to fry items with wheat!

So I guess what I just really want people to understand is that most people on a gluten free diet aren't trying to lose weight or to make things more difficult, most people on a gluten free diet are on it because thats the only way they can eat! If they were to eat any gluten at all it would literally be killing their body! So its not a diet to take lightly for most, its the only treatment we have for celiac disease.

Here's a video clip the Today Show did about gluten free diets.