Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The List

I just finished reading The List by Marian Jordan (one of my favorite authors). The book is about learning that its not our expectations of out life that matter but it's God's plan for us that does! We have to learn to let go of our "list" for life and give it over to God and put our hope in him that we'll be ok regardless of what we have in life.

I have to say I've never had much of a "list" for my life, just kinda the normal, get married, find a job I love, have a family someday. But I didn't know how much I was holding on to those things until the past couple of years! In high school I thought for sure I'd get married by age 24, because at the young age of 17 and 18 that seemed SO OLD!!!! And I remember as that birthday was approaching and I saw tons of friends getting engaged I kinda had a freak out! But I've learned that what I think is the right time might not be in God's plan for me! And his timing is perfect! It always is! Also when I start to freak out about not having a boyfriend or being anywhere close to getting married I remember um duh I don't even want to be married now!!!! I have way too much to do with myself before I get tied down! silly me!

Also I thought right out of college I'd find the perfect job and make tons of money right away. HA! I worked for my mom's business for the year after college, then moved to LA with my friends and found what I thought would be THE JOB...yeah no...I hated it! HATED IT! But I know I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence from that job, and that's what matters! My perfect job is still in the works because I'm still in works! God has me doing school now so I can have my job someday!

And I've also learned that just because you "have it all" doesn't mean you're going to be happy! If I were to be married, I'd just be married, I wouldn't instantly be happy all the time! The only way you'll be at peace in life and have happiness is if you live by Jesus' example and put your hope in him!

This book was a great reminder that my list doesn't matter! It's God's list that does! And that doesn't mean I give up my desires, but I don't hope in them, I hope in God that those things will happen and they will happen with his perfect timing!