Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My new baby girl

So this weekend a new kitty showed up at our door step. I'm pretty sure the neighborhood cats direct all stray and lost kitties to our house. Mom and I gladly accept all and offer food and water. Some go on their way, others stick around, like Black Bart our now outside kitty who found mom while I was living in LA. The new kitty who appeared this weekend is a super sweet little girl who we can tell had a home at one point in her life. So we've put up some flyers that we found her and told the local vet and dog groomers in case people go looking there, but so far no one's called about her. Mom and I decided, much to father's chagrin, that we are keeping her (ok so mom's keeping her since I move out soon)! Since Birdie dog passed away the house has felt horribly empty, but we weren't quite ready to go looking at a new kitten yet; so when Stella showed up (thats what I named her) we just knew she was ours! 
isn't she adorable?! I love her!

I told the parents that if I was going to an apartment in Georgia where I could have kitties I would steal her and drive her across country with me...but I'm I can't. 

She's just a little love and follows me around the house all day and talks to us non stop! She's a bit miffed she can't go outside right now, but we don't want her to get lost again. Although this morning she did sneak out and so we let her stay out all afternoon but she stuck close by; so thats good. 

I mean seriously how cute is her little face? gah!

Mr. Tibby cat is doing very well with her, at first he was like um guys whats going on? Then he was like whatevs and went back to sleep. The first day though he wouldn't let Stella out of his sight, it was pretty funny. Miss Sven cat on the other hand....oh boy. I'm actually surprised I'm still alive right now, I thought for sure Sven was going to murder both mom and I in our sleep the first night. She saw mom bring Stella inside and was all oh hell no. So she's been looking disgruntled for the past two days and walks around the house like a mini panther in kill mode. But she doesn't actually do anything, she just likes to be pissy....which really isn't anything new, we're used to bad cat attitude and her accusing glances. 

So that's my new kitty! I'm sad I have to leave her in a month and wish I could just take her with, but no such luck. 

oh, p.s. I got my hair done today, its awesome!!! I'll make mother the photographer take pics tomorrow for me so I can share!

night night. Hope your Thursday treats you well!


Whitney said...

Stella is so cute! I want to squeeze her!