Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple honey face mask.

My face needed some lovin' yesterday thanks to hormones making it go CRAZY this past week! oi vay. So went online to find a good acne mask that I could make at home. A lot of places gave a recipe for an apple honey mask, so I gave it a try! Apples are a great detox fruit so I'm thinking they probably do the same for your face, pull out the toxins! And honey is good for moisturizing dry skin! So here's what you need.

1 apple
4 tablespoons of honey
a grater
and a bowl to put it all in

So cut the apple in half, and grate half of it into the bowl. You can do what you like with the other half. I ate it. Then add in the honey and mix it all up.

It'll look something like this. I made a mess with this, I kept finding sticky spots all over the counter last night. So be warned. Ok so I was a dummy and tried to put this on while standing up, yeah that doesn't work. So when I took my bath I brought my little bowl of honey and apple gratings with me and slopped it on then. I just made sure to really get it on the areas of my face that need help. Then I sat really still and attempted to read for 15 min. Its going to fall off a bit, I ended up bathing with apple floating around me, haha! Also the honey drips all over so I ended up all sticky and had to keep washing off my neck and hairline, so I suggest take a shower after doing this mask! But my face felt all nice and supple afterward. 

Happy face masking, and happy wednesday!


Ashlee said...

I want to try this!!