Sunday, August 22, 2010

how my goals are coming along.

I thought before I move/make a huge life change in a couple weeks I'd check in on how my 25 goals for my 25th year are going! I have four and half-ish months left until my birthday (gross, 26...just sounds so freaking old!). So lets see what's left. 

  1. Start an Etsy shop--check!
  2. Make a painting
  3. Fall in love with cooking again!!!!--check-ish? I tried really hard to like it!
  4. Be inspired by school, not frustrated!--check!
  5. Work out everyday
  6. Wake up before 9 every morning--check-ish (hey I did online school, it didn't require a wake up time)
  7. Go skiing at least once this winter
  8. Go on a date!-check
  9. Learn how to crochet a hat--check-ish (crocheted a huge bag and a dinosaur and a Curtis Stone doll)
  10. Visit Ashlee and Heather in Idaho this spring!--check check!
  11. Adopt a kitten!----CHECK!!!!!
  12. Go on a trip--uh does Idaho the second time count? if not then I've been to Whistler twice so, check!
  13. Design a real room (not just for school)
  14. Smile at people everyday (I'm usually pretty good about this already)--check
  15. Sew something awesome (a skirt or a dress)--check check check check
  16. Buy a new car (ok maybe this should also be called my dream list...)
  17. Buy a really really great pair of jeans!
  18. Find another job in the design industry (even just part time)
  19. Move back into Seattle
  20. Dye my hair a CRAZY color (ok not like blue or purple, I don't think I could be that crazy)--Pink! BAM! check!
  21. Do something I never thought I'd do (i.e. getting my tattoo last year)--check! Moving to freaking Georgia!
  22. Start an interior design blog
  23. Buy a pair of Louboutins (again dreams)
  24. Become a better phone caller/talker
  25. Keep my style I developed in LA (even if I stand out a bit in small town WA, who cares, I like to dress how I like to dress!)--check!
13 out of 25, not too bad with four months still left to go!! 


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