Thursday, August 19, 2010

A dress for Miss Mabel.

Mabel is my next door baby neighbor. In other words our neighbors daughter. Her and I have become good friends since I moved home in December, my mom and I are her regular baby sitters. Whenever her mom needs a Mabel break I gladly take her for a bit! We have fun together, her new game (now that she's crawling) is to chase Sven the cat around the living room. 
Anyway, about a month or so ago I made a little skirt for Mabel with left over fabric from one of my skirts. And I finally had time this past week to sit down and sew a dress for her with more left over fabric. It turned out so cute, its a bit big, but thats fine because she'll grow fast so it'll fit in no time! 

I am really proud of myself with this dress because its the first time I've done pleats! And they are pretty darn good pleats! My mommy, the seamstress, showed me how. 

They were actually quite easy! 

Here's the finished dress! I love it! I want for myself! 

Here's my little Miss wearing it! How cute does she look in it! 

I found this dress tutorial on Rachel Denbow's blog, she's an awesome sewer! And this really wasn't a hard dress to make, I was surprised how easy! (and believe me I am so not a master sewer, I'm totally a beginner...who had a few lessons from mom back in the day)


Ashlee said...
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Ashlee said...

she's adorable!! you did such a great job on the dress!!