Friday, September 3, 2010

Road trip!

Have I mentioned lately that I'm moving? To GEORGIA!!!!! We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for our five day drive across the country. I'll try to put up pics each night when we stop, hopefully all the hotels will have internet!

I've been so busy packing and cleaning these past couple of days! And I think everything is going to fit in my car! I was super worried I'd have to leave a bag of clothes behind, I would have cried because yes my wardrobe is that important to me. But dad and I got all the major bags in last night, so now its just last minute things and a few other odds and ends here and there! I'm hoping the trip will be nice, I'm sure there will be moments when I'd rather get out of the car and walk than ride with the parents; but what kid doesn't have those moments? Mom and I do well on road trips together, I haven't been on one with dad since I was little, so we shall see.

I'm already getting sad about leaving my baby kitties. Yes I know I total cat woman, but I seriously don't care, they're my babies and I'm not ashamed! I will proclaim my love for my cats anytime! I really wish I could bring Miss Stella with me, but no animals in my apartment. :( I always miss my Mr. Tibby, I'm the only one who truly understands him (she's says as he attacking her hair). And Sven and I have become quite good friends this time 'round (we used to have irreconcilable differences). I'm an animal person so hate when I have to live without them.

Well anyway, off to run last minute errands then back to pack up the rest of my stuff! I'll hopefully be back tomorrow night with a run down of our first day!

Georgia here I come!