Friday, September 17, 2010

one week down...nine more to go.

Is it bad that I'm already counting down how long it is until I go home for Winter break? Its fine here (I think I like the classes, although I wish the program was geared a bit more towards just architecture/interiors and not general design but what can ya do), I just don't know anyone and its been really hard to meet people, even having small classes and being in the same classes with most people hasn't helped much. I try really hard to engage people in conversations but I'm not the greatest small talk/chatty person, so putting me in rooms with totally new people isn't just outside my comfort zone its like twenty thousand bagillion comfort zones away!
And I just haven't connected with anyone in the classes, you know how usually there's like one person you just kinda click with, but that hasn't happened. So anyway I'm feeling terribly lonely at the moment and missing everything familiar! I have moments each day when I just start crying for no reason really. I think I'm going to be brave and go to church alone Sunday, hopefully there will be people in their mid twenties there that I can connect with. I'm planning on going to the beach tomorrow because I just need to get out of my room! If its not a good beach day I'll head downtown and hang out at a coffee shop for a bit I guess and do some homework.
I'm just feeling so lost and don't know what to do with myself! I only have one class each day so my days don't get filled up and leave lots of time for me to just sit in my room all alone. At least I'll have good grades this quarter from having tons of time for homework! heh. I'm trying to stay positive about all of this, and I know this is the right program for me, its just hard being somewhere with anyone you know and with nothing familiar. But I'm here, and I'm trying.