Sunday, September 26, 2010

a quick visit.

Last night my big brother and his wife stopped in Savannah on their way home to Seattle (they are moving back there from DC, lucky ducks). So we had dinner at a restaurant on the river last night. Then this morning we did early breakfast before they took off for their next stop. It was so nice to have familiar faces even if it was only for a little bit; and nice to have people to talk to about stuff other than school! I still haven't quite connected with anyone here, so its still a struggle, but I'm staying positive because I'm here for school, thats what this year is for. I didn't make it to church today because I didn't sleep at all last night so after breakfast I came straight home and fell asleep for a couple more hours. So next week I'll try the church right in down town, I think there will be a lot of people my age there so I might see about signing up for a small group. Anyway, thats all. Just a blog to check in. I'll try and put up some outfit posts this week, I was so exhausted last week for reason so kept forgetting! Hope you all had a great weekend!