Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Jenny/Curtis Project: Day 9

Paella paella! Thats such a fun word to say! PAELLA!!! paella. PAella. ok sorry.

Well tonight I made....yep you guessed it...paella! I've always wanted to make this dish because I kinda have a thing for rice. I love it. And whenever I watch travel shows that are in Spain they ALWAYS show paella and it looks so yummy! This one is the seafood version (the other version is like chicken and rabbit traditionally); but I left out the mussels and clams because A. I don't like "shelly" shellfish (i.e clams, mussels, geoducks [kidding]) and B. mother requested no mussels and said she'd rather not clams even though she likes them she doesn't like them in these type of dishes (i.e pasta). So I said no prob Bob (and not to dad) (his name's Bob) and just did shrimps and scallops. Actually scallops are a "shelly" shellfish, they just don't come in the shells...but I'm not the hugest fan of them either, I'll eat them but I'd rather shrimp or something. ANYWAY (sorry I'm rambling).

So it was pretty easy to make! I chopped three shallots (and oh my gosh you guys those shallots were FRUH-ESH my eyes were burning out of their sockets) and some cloves of garlic and sauteed them quick then put in the rice and then the wine and chicken stock and cooked it until the it simmered then popped it in the over for 20 then threw in the seafood and cooked it for another 15 and VOILA!

Oh but the one thing that I didn't have was saffron because who has that sitting around the house? And our grocery store doesn't have any because its not that fancy of one. SOOOO its not that pretty yellow color its supposed to be, but it tasted yummy. I just heard mom tell our neighbor that I made a fantastic meal! hehe.

the finished product.