Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today our neighbor came over (with baby Mabel who is my favorite because she's just the cutest but more on her another time) and she was talking about the house her and her husband are starting to build. She said she had been looking into flooring and really wants hardwood floors but wants them to be responsible, so she's looked into flooring that is FSC certified wood. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and they are an international organization that makes sure their forests are harvested sustainably and responsibly. They don't clear cut forests or use woods that are endangered and they make sure that they can harvest from the same land for years to come! They also don't use many chemicals and treat their workers well!

I found a way cool company in Seattle today called Ecohaus. They have all sorts of products, but the thing I was most excited about is that almost all of their hardwood flooring is FSC certified! So I made sure to show my neighbor because she was having a hard time finding flooring up here in anything other than oak, and she doesn't want oak (don't blame her, I'm not a huge fan of oak either). They had eucaplytus which I have never heard of for flooring before! Oh and tigerwood which is um gorge! ok sorry I could talk about the pretty woods all night, so I'll stop now. ::sheepish grin:: I get excited about interiors but I get even more excited when its sustainable interiors!

To learn more about FSC go here! I think they're way cool, but I tend to be partial to anything saving forests because I'm a Northwest girl and I love my trees.

So next time you are flooring a house make sure to get FSC certified woods so you are being kind to our planet and the forests and the animals that live there and the people who work there! :)