Monday, April 26, 2010

My Cricket kitty.

Last week wasn't a very good one. Our kitty Cricket got really really sick Monday and went to the vet Wednesday and passed away Thursday. We had her for almost 13 years. She was the sweetest kitty ever, and she was queen of our household's animal kingdom. It was very hard to say goodbye to her as it all was quite sudden and we weren't expecting it to happen. The day we brought her home to say goodbye the other two kitties were very upset. They knew something was happening with Cricket and didn't know what to do. Birdie, our doggie, has always been bff's with Cricket, they came home the same summer. She's been upset all weekend, whenever she isn't sleeping she just wanders around the house looking forlorn and just can't settle down.

It still hasn't truly set in that Cricky is gone, I keep expecting to see her at the kitchen door wanting in from the garden. The house feels very empty without her. She had a big personality and she let you know she was the boss. But she was the most loving cat ever. She loved to come into my room when I was in bed and snuggle up to me, except her snuggling was to plop down hard on the bed then slam herself against me to get as close as possible, then she liked to pet my face with her rough little paws. And she had the funniest meow of any cat I've ever heard, it was almost like a bleating lamb. And boy would she yell at you when she came in from outside to tell you all about her day. She also begged worse than the dog at the dinner table, and of course she came to my chair and would smack me with her crooked tail and paw at me until I gave her something. And speaking of her tail, it was shaped like a lighting bolt, we never knew what happened because she came to us that way.

I'll miss the little miss, I've never met another cat like her and I don't think I ever will.

Cricket a few years ago

Cricky the day she passed away

bff's. we have a pic of them when they were both babies sitting in a chair together


I know she's up in heaven sitting in a garden and hanging out with all our other kitties we've had throughout the years. 


Whitney said...

Oh, Jenny. I got choked up reading this. I loved Cricket too. I'm so sorry. I'll miss her a lot.

Heather said...

tears in my eyes. sweet little cricket. i'm so sorry.

Heather said...
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