Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh the Victorians.

Lately I've been watching way too many period dramas from BBC, all of which are adapted from Victorian novels. There's just something about those novels! They're so romantic and I love the etiquette of that time. The men are so chivalrous and yet there is always the scoundrel man who is devishly handsome but has a "reputation" and then there's the good man who always ends up loving the "wild" girl and in the end sees his error and realizes that it had been the good decent girl all along! Sigh. Its just so wonderful. I know, I know, its real life, but sometimes I wish it were, life would be so much easier sometimes if we still lived like they did.  OH! and the girls' dresses! Oh I love the dresses they wore back then, and the crazy hair styles and the feathers and jewels they stuck in their hair. gorge. My favorite hero of a Victorian novel will forever be Mr. Knightly in Emma. I love him with all my heart. I wish all men were as good and gentlemanly as he.

from Daniel Deronda on BBC

from Wives and Daughters on BBC

From the movie Emma

from North and South on BBC