Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday sillies: I wanna paint!

This weekend mom and I were at Crate and Barrel (don't judge me, but its better than Pottery Barn [barf]) and they had this gorge purpley eggplanty auberginey color in one of the displays and we decided that color would look great in my parents living room! The kitchen (its a great room) is painted a dark orangey terra cotta color so I think purple on the opposite wall would be fantastic! Purple and orange is one of my very favorite color combos! Anyway then it got me thinking that it'd be fun to paint my room, even though I'm only here for a few more months and mom wants to change my room when I move out.  One of my walls is barcode striped that I did myself a few years ago and the other walls are "rhinestone" white, so we were thinking if I did a fun peacock blue on the white walls it might be pretty! So we're gonna go paint shopping soon, not much else in this world can get me as excited as the prospect of picking new colors can! Here's some pretty interiors to look at.

source: weheartit.com