Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Jenny/Curtis Project: Day 8

So tonight I made crumbed chicken stuffed with Swiss cheese. It was wayyyy easier than I thought it'd be! It only took a few minutes to prepare and then you just pan saute it for a few minutes and then bake it in the oven for another ten. It was pretty good, I'm not the biggest fan of Swiss cheese so that part was kinda meh. But on the page Curtis says in a restaurant he worked in they added prosciutto and truffles to the stuffing so I think when I make it next I'd put prosciutto in it, it needed something salty to round out the flavors. The coating was flour and egg dredge and then bread crumbs....but I didn't have bread crumbs (because being gluten free I don't use them that often so forget to keep them on hand) so I used corn meal instead. Bread crumbs would probably be better though because I think they'd make a better crust, but it worked out. Oh and it was served with a side of broccoli, I'm always a fan of broccoli, I love it. But now I am craving a desert of some sort, so I may have to go make something now....maybe something chocolate! We'll see...I can always fall back on my favorite desert recipe in his book, Chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies! yummmm! Oh here's the finished dish. :)

I'm starting to get nervous because I think I've cooked the least exotic dishes in the book so far, so I'm gonna have to start trying the more Asian inspired ones (there's quite a few). And I'm not a fan of Asian food, I'm just not. I know I know, almost everyone's favorite food is like Chinese or Thai, but give me Greek or Mexican anyday. I think I just don't really enjoy the flavors and it usually makes me feel sick, also most Chinese and Korean and other Asian foods like those I can't eat at restaurants because none of the sauces they cook with are gluten free so I just avoid it all together. Thai is usually fine to eat for me, I'm just not a fan. So anway I'm gonna have to start stepping out of my cooking comfort zone pretty soon....I'm scared. Maybe I'll start making my parents eat breakfast for dinner, some of those recipes look delish! I'm just never awake enough in the morning to make anything fancier than peanut butter toast (not a morning person). So I think dinner will be a good time to try those ones! Or maybe I'll have a big brunch party sometime and get like five recipes made at once! oh good idea! Party at my house! :) 

Happy Thursday all! And once again Curtis, good show.