Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new project....actually lifestyle.

This semester I am taking sustainable design. I was super excited about it because "green" design has always interested me since I heard about it in undergrad. I really think that I want to specialize in this area of design because I am so passionate that we need to take care of our planet so that for future generations it will still be a healthy and functioning place to live! (I've already started looking into programs for when I'm done with this one)

So, I've decided to start doing as much as I can now without having much money to my name. My goal for a long time in the future is to get a new car that is totally electric or a clean fuel and be able to build a sustainable house; but that will only happen once I'm done with school and have worked and actually have money! For now I've decided to start buying as much natural and organic products I can. I also have made the choice to stop buying things in plastic packaging (as much as possible).

My dream car. The Nissan Leaf

Herman Miller plant. Its an amazing sustainably design building!

So I'm going to buy shampoo bars and conditioner bars, as well as soap bars that are made from natural products. I found a great shop on Etsy here that has shampoo and conditioner bars. I just bought the "conditioner that rolls" because I ran out, finally, of my old stuff and I loved it! It works just as well as liquid conditioner!!! Once my shampoo is gone I'll get the matching shampoo bar.

I've just decided that this is my first step in truly living a more sustainable lifestyle, eliminating as much plastic as I can. And lets face it, bathroom products use A LOT of plastic! And we use A LOT of bathroom products.

One thing I really want people to learn or to understand about sustainable or "green" living is that as far as from a design stand point we don't want people to think they have to live in mud huts and start living off the land. We as designers want and believe that we should use the technologies we have to come up with new designs that really sustain and feed the Earth! We want to design without loosing basic dignity for humans! The main idea behind this movement is just to make different choices that will give back to the Earth what we take from it. And using those resources responsibly!