Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Jenny/Curtis Project: Day 5

Hello, I'm Jenny Nelson (ok you have to say that in a Julia Child-esque voice because I totally did).

Tonight I made Greek doughnuts!!! I wasn't sure how the dough would turn out because I had to use gluten free baking mix obviously; but it worked pretty well I think! I'm not sure what "normal" ones are supposed to look or taste or feel like, but I think mine turned out well! Oh Curtis you never let me down!

I'm trying to show restraint and not eat them all.  But if you find me passed out on the floor with an empty plate and carton of milk next to me and sugar all over my face, you'll know what happened.

They were pretty fun to make! I'm a big fan of anything that involves frying, not because I think frying makes everything taste amazing but because I have fun deep frying things! I don't even know why! You'd think most people wouldn't want to be near bubbling oil that can burn your face off...

Tibby helped me. He came running into the kitchen and was all "OMG mom, doughnuts??" And I was like "yeah, Tibs, doughnuts." So he sat on his stool next to the counter and watched me, gave some helpful advice, did some Julia Child impressions, you know normal cat stuff. 

Yet another successful Curtis recipe. 

Greek doughnuts FTW!

ok I'm off to eat myself into oblivion. 

(not really)

(actually probably a little bit)

(and in case you were wondering, yes I am a crazy cat lady who talks to her cats, not even kidding)