Friday, November 28, 2008

Stupid married people.

Being a girl of 23 and seeing like everyone you know getting engaged and married you can't help but think WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME! WHY DON'T I EVEN HAVE A BOYFRIEND? THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING FUCKING MARRIED? And yes the voice yells in your head like that. It's really disgusting because I don't even want to be married! Like seriously I don't! Someday yes, but not now! But the way these selfish girls who are engaged rub it in our single faces that they have a someone just makes your mind run wild with thoughts of why the hell you don't have a someone (they're selfish because they don't see anything but their happy little world and don't know that that's what they're doing and can't take off the rose colored glasses and won't be able to until after the first year of marriage)! I didn't start having these horrid thoughts about marriage until this year! I'm not sure if it's the age or just the fact that suddenly (and yes it's sudden) everyone and their mother is getting married! I know that God has that someone out there for me and when the time is right blah blah blah blah...but it doesn't make it any easier being a single girl. I try to be patient and wait, but somedays it just is not fun to be patient. It sucks. But then I remind myself, dude you can do whatever you want! You don't have another person you have to think about! I could just pick and move if I wanted, I could travel the world, I can go out to Hollywood with my girls and not get home until 3am, hell I could make out with a random guy if I wanted and it doesn't matter! It's pretty awesome to have that kind of freedom and possibilities in life. I can still have adventure in my life and when I finally do find that someone I won't regret getting married too young and not being able to do all the things I wanted in life and go through a mid-life crisis! I feel much better now, thank you for letting me rant. And if any of you are engaged or married reading this you can't get mad at me because you don't know what it's like, you really really don't. And p.s I am happy for you all that you're getting married I really am, but seriously don't rub it in our faces.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My life in texts 2

Me: Did you go in late today?

Ash: Yeah I figured since I was staying an hour late that I would go in late.

Me: Yeah totally! I wish I could've I'm so tired! And I really don't have anything to do just yet. Oh well.

Me: K ready to go home now.

Ash: YEah me too. I can't focus and don't want to do anything. Let's get a hotel in LA and take a nap before we go to Key Club.

Me: Good idea! Let's go now!

Ash: OMG lame lady at work is bragging during out meeting about seeing Obama in Chicago this weekend. Annoying.... :p

Me: Stupid!

Ash: OMG Im soooo bored. I don't want to do anything. I don't feel super great and I so can't focus. This really sucks! I have like 3 hours left.

Me: Exactly the same over here, but I have 2 hours and 20 min.

Ash: Meh. I can only go all my blogs and Facebook so many times....I just need to get in the zone and focus cuz I know time would fly if I did.

Me: Yeah today's gone fast for me! So that's good. I just got ADD after lunch.

Ash: If you get a chance go to the link on my facebook for Sure Cruise and look through the pics, theyre really funny.

Me: Yeah I wanted to! I'll probably have to wait until tonight.

Me: AAAAA! get me out of here, I wanna get the thing I'm working on done but Allan just got back from lunch and is now doing something! I need him to make sure it looks ok.

Ash: Boo! Gahh I have 2 hours left!!! Idk if I can do it! I have ADD really bad. qw;aelrhasekrha,dfnakfhalernak

Ash: Susan if havin me look for and effing chair that is "ours" and she can't find. WTF?? Seriously?! I'm effing trying to work.

Ash: OMG the dude has his effing heater on again! Seriously it's like 67 outside not like it's effing snowing. I'm so hot!

Me: OMG so close!

Ash: Fffffffff! I wish I could go now. Stupid hour. Mehhhh.

Me: Do you have deoderant by any chance? I totally forgot to put it on this morning!!! How do u forget something like that?

Ash: No but I have smelly goods

Me: I think I'm ok it's not like I was running marathons today. I just feel gross.

Ash: Lol sorry. I hate when I forget stuff like that.

Me: Oh great I'm gonna get the weirdo bus driver becuz I didn't leave the office until 345!

Me: (about deoderant) I know at least it wasn't forgetting to brush my teeth!

Ash: Eww!

Me: (to Heather now) Having fun on the train?

Heather: No! It's sooo boring! But I have my Ipod and a book so it's not too awfully bad.

Me: Well that's good. I'm so not excited I will get the bus with the weirdo bus driver becuz I didn't get out of the office until 3:45! He's so weird you don't even know.

Heather: Bummer! I am not a fan of weirdos! but soon we will be meeting Heather!!! Yay!

Me: Woo Hoo! I'm hungry!

Heather: Me too! I wanna eat a huge burger or burrito or plate of nachos!!!

Me: MMM burger!

Heather: Man I forgot to really eat lunch...I just had a sad salad early and was going ot eat before I left but forgot...I'm being super smart today!

Me: Damn bus isn't here yet! Grr. Maybe I won't get the annoying driver. Oh great there's a skater trying to get my attention. Ew dude you're like 16!

Heather: I'm sad your bus isn't there. But laughing about the boy!!! You are too irresitable and age doesn't matter to him! :)

Me: Haha must be it. I could be a cougar! And illegal. I would've thought he was cute in high school.

Heather: HAhahaha! Well Taryn's sister was doing a 17 year old who she used to nanny for.....

Me: Ew! That's just wrong!

Heather: I know!!! So gross!! I understand a year or two younger but come on not a high schooler!

Me: Seriously!

Heather: Did your bus come?

Me: yeah. It's never good when the bus driver gets off the bus!

Heather: Well I'm glad it came! What a wack a doodle!

Me: yeah it's weird when they suddenly get off! Ew haha that's what she said! Oh my gosh I'm starving!

Heather: Oh you! :) you're funny! I'm hungry too.

Me: :P

Heather: are you at the station yet?

Me: not yet, it's taking forever today!

Heather: Okay, I'm SLOWLY SLOWLY pulling in. We had to make 2 extra random stops

Me: Weird! I'll see you in front

Heather: K

Me: Ash is there

Heather: With her

Me: I'm basically here you can pick me up on the street if you want, I'm up on Cesar and Vignes

Heather: Coming I think

Me: Ok!

The end.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My life in texts.

November 6th, 2008

Ashlee: Of course there's an accident when I get up late!
Me: Suck!
Me: Can today be Friday please?!
Ashlee: I know and now that I'm almost to work I feel really sick.
Me: It's just cuz you're going to work.
Me: Listen to Brett Dennen, he makes things better. I decided to have to start listening to happier music becuz I kept listening to emo stuff that was too drepressing!
Me: Ok weird! there was an excericse class in the middle of one of the parking lots downtown!
Ashlee: Finally here. That's so weird. I think that's a great idea to listen to positive music. I had been thinking about listening to my old Christian music again.
Me: Yeah I need to put that stuff on my iPod. I realized the other day how depressing the music was! I was like damn emo's they have such great music but it makes me sad. So today is all Brett and Jack.
Me: Some of the bus drivers r so rude! if someone tries to go out the front door becuz the rear door is too crowded to get to they're like us the rear door! It's like seriously is it that big of a deal?
Ashlee: Jerks!!! OMG I don't wanna be here right now. I haven't even started anything adn I just wanna go. Plus I'm starving like crazy and I have zero food.
Me:Go to Sbux. I don't wanna go today either! Hopefully it'll go fast like it did yesterday!
Ashlee: yeah I think I will even though I shouldn't. It's not healthy to starve right? Lol. I think work goes faster when I actually make an effort. What a surprise!
Me:Haha same here. I have a bunch to do today so that's good. It's not healthy to starve! I kinda want somethig from there but I did yesterday so shouldn't again. It was only tea though.
Ashlee:Lol well if that's all it was then I give you permission. P.s. I almost wrote wad instead of was....nice.
Me:I almost write lots of weird words with this phone!
Me: K let's go home now! :p
Ashlee: word g-money
Me: Haha I love that movie!
Ashlee: Haven't read it yet but dooce has her letter to Leta up!! Those are some of my favorite posts of hers!!! Yay! Happy almost Friday!!
Ashlee: Soy is better today. They must have burnt it bad the other day. I think it's Brett time!
Me: Oh good!
Ashlee: I want to have Brett's babies. Except for not cuz they would be big goofy looking wack-a-doodle babies. Lol. How about I stop talking (texting) and get to work. :P
Ashlee: Ha I just downloaded an NFL app to my phone. Wow I really need to get to work.
Me: your text earlier about Brett made me laugh so hard. I still do when I think about it!
Ashlee: Haha I'm a dork.
Me: I'm glad it's almost noon! We r busy which is good! I'm doing everything for that mall in Jordan! U should tell Daniel if it's built before he leaves he better go and tell me the lighting is amazing!
Ashlee: Haha I will. I'm annoyed I wanted to have the girls approve my outfits cuz Susan wasn't here but I think she just got here. It's easier with the girls than her!
Me: Haha yeah they're probably like good next good next.
Ashlee: yeah super easy and she has to look at them for 5 min or something!
Ashlee: search for style8955 on Myshape. you will die!
Me: Oh dear! I will as soon as Allan goes to lunch!
Me: speaking of which he just left for an hour and a half! yes!
Ashlee: love it when bosses are gone! it's the best!
Me: except then he came back and called someone and left a message saying he'd be back 1230 or 1. I was like damn!
Ashlee: Lame!
Me: Now that I've worked like a mad woman all morning i don't wanna anymore! I'm tired and done!
Ashlee: Me too! but its time for her to approve me. Blehhhhhhg!
Me: OMG so frickin' cute! can I buy it now?! (outfit earlier)
Me: Yay! 1!
Ashlee: Woo woo!
Me: Woah I totally just had dejavu!
Ashlee: it freaks me out when that happens!
Me: I know it's so weird!
Me: Dang I just go so sleepy! Let's go home and take naps!
Ashlee: Me too! Let's doooo!
Me: Yay Allan isn't back yet!
Ashlee: Yay! Susan is gone to lunch and I had her approve some stuff. Don't think I'm gonna have her approve the changes I'm making. Lol.
Me: Haha. Oh man I'm so add right now! I can't focus! Bleh!
Ashlee: Just got a call from MTV about a fashion show!!!! it's like Project Runway meets the Apprentice! Gonna fill out an application and send in a video asap! wow!!
Me: No way!
Ashlee: crazy right? I was like who is calling me? Then like OMG!
Me: HAHA I keep getting this image of u with these huge red headed babies in my mind! First of all u with a baby, and second u with oversized red headed goober babies! oh it's hilarious!
Ashlee: Lol I picture babies with huge heads and crazy ass red hair!
Me: Yeah! exactly I can't get it out of my head and I seriously laugh out loud everytime it pops in my head!
Me: People probably think I'm a freak! I'm over here giggling to myself!
Ashlee: Haha!!!
Me: so do we get to help you make a tape for the show?
Me: Sweet!
Ashlee: Glad I made you laugh all day!
Me: I got the wack a doodle bus driver today! Haha my phone has wack a doodle stored in it!
Me: I'm gonna run to el grocery store do we need anything? Or do you guys need anything?
Ashlee: well I need sex but I don't think you can get that at the grocery store, so no.
Me: I'll go to the man store for us. Do you prefer dark or blond?
Ashlee:A little of both hahaha
Me: we can trade after a couple hours. haha Gross!
Ashlee: Gross lol
Me: we r wack a doodlel today!
Ashlee: You said it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30 minutes with nothing to do.

I have nothing to do until my boss gets into work and then we can go over the plan I've been working on for a hotel. I'm really annoyed because my phone is being weirdo this week. Monday it decided it'd be cool to not get any reception all day long and then after I plugged it in that night it totally erased all my text messages and my call log. I was like ok fine you can reset yourself whatever, but then it did that again last night! And it made me miss a call from a doctor I've been waiting to hear from! Stupid technology. If it keeps being dumb I'll take to the AT&T boys and say make it better! Now! I really kinda hate going to phone stores though, the guys there always make you feel like an idiot....kinda like Bestbuy! I'm like dude boys I know what I'm talking about and what I want just show me where it is and I'll buy it! I fell pretty fierce today because I'm wearing leopard print! I have a soft spot for leopard print. I'll admit it. I love it. I wouldn't want a whole outfit of it or something but a little is fine. I hope today goes fast, if I have lots to do on this hotel plan it should. But I can forsee the day dragging on because I'm excited for tonight! We're going to a Barcelona concert in Hollywood and then since they're on late the twins and I decided it was best to get a hotel room for the night! Otherwise we'd have an hour drive home and therefore we'd get less sleep then if we just stay in the city for the night. I'll be so tired tomorrow but it's ok. I can sleep until 6 tomorrow morning! Woo hoo! :P I got a chai tea latte this morning and I think it kinda is making me feel sick I'll stop drinking it now. Its gone now. Ok well I can't think of anything else to say so I'll just leave it at this. I'll just sit and stare for the next 20 or so minutes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Uh Oh it's happening again.

I'm starting to crave travel again. It always happens every few months, and last year was just wonderful because I went to Europe twice so my cravings were satisfied. I had trips to plan and dream about and look forward to. But now I have nothing. I seriously need to find a job that I can just travel the world for. Or maybe I'll just become a nomad and see the world. I don't know how I'd fund my travels but I'd figure that out when I need to. I really really really want to go to New Zealand right now! Like bad. Or I want to see South America! I want to see Ecuador again and more of it, and I want to see Chile and go to Patagonia and see the Andes and ski them! And I'd have to see Brazil! I want to go to's only a four hour flight from New York! And I need to see more of Britain and go to Greece again and see more islands. And I need to see Asia someday too. Oh so many places to go! Let's all quit our jobs, pack our backpacks, buy a ticket to somewhere and TRAVEL! After I do school and have worked for a year or two and saved money I'm do taking a year off and just traveling. I made this decision a few years ago. And it's so going to happen, you don't even know!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where's Fall?

I knew that California weather would be totally different from Washington, but seriously, 90 degrees in October! I miss Fall. I want it back. It's such a pretty season because the world goes from being green to being firey orange and red and bright yellows. Here, it's still all green but slowing turning to brown. How depressing. And who would've thought that sun could get so depressing too. It can though, when you have it everyday and sweltering heat everyday you start to get sick of it and start praying for rain or even a tiny cloud to cover the sun just for a minute. There is relief in sight though, Saturday says showers and only 69! I don't trust the weather forecast here though, they say rain and it never comes. Ever. So the girls and I are going to start doing hikes around us. We live right up against the foothills (foothills to what mountains don't ask me) so we figured there had to be fun trails. I found a book last weekend that has easy hikes all over Southern California, so we've marked the ones we want to do around us and are going to start hiking this month (since it's so much cooler than the summer months). One of the trails is part of the Pacific Crest Trail and at one point you can see the Mojave Desert! Weirdo, I didn't realize we were so close to the desert! Well I did, but didn't. And if we feel like going farther we could you know just hike the rest of the Pacific Crest up to Canada! Ha yeah right!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Text conversation with Mom

Me: No texting me at almost 11 tonight!

Mom: Well ok then

Me: Well it's the 2nd time u did that! U forget I go to bed early! We can't all be night owls like U anymore sadly!

Mom: I only text once late! Hey!!!

Me: No you did a couple weeks ago regarding Tibby being wild. I have it to prove it! HA!

Mom: War is on!!!!

Me: No! I have to sleep! No war! I sign the peace treaty!

Mom: We will have to negotiate.

Me: Justin can mediate.

Mom: It's too late to incorporate Justin

Me: How much wine have you had?

Mom: Brian says 1/2 a liter.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whats with not wearing hats anymore?

I wish women still wore hats like they did back in the day! I can totally rock hats, so therefore they should make a comeback. Plus it can totally complete an ensemble, a little hat with feathers on top, what could be better?! Let's just go back to 40's fashion, it'd be good for everyone. We'd all be much more dapper.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At work early yet again.

So I end up getting to work at like 7:45 usually and while a feel alittle bad because I usually have nothing to do and just sit around and answer the phone should it ring, I really don't feel all that bad because they know I come in at 8ish so they could leave me things to do in the morning. And I get to leave at 3:45 which the earlier the better for LA traffic. Haha a giant squirrel just walked over the skylight, I love squirrels, now I know what makes the freaky noises every morning! I miss the squirrels at my parents house, they were super entertaining to watch, and the cats love to sit at the window and day dream about being out there to catch them. Poor indoor kitties. Our kitten Blizzard has become more curious about outdoors lately, she likes to sit right next to the door when she hears one of us coming home and sniff at the fresh air. She also likes to go in between the screen door and sliding glass door if it's open, we have to watch her like a hawk to make sure we don't shut in there! Blizzy's gotten big, I just noticed yesterday how much she's grown since we first got her! Archibald has always been giant, so I don't notice if he's grown. I'm frightened of how huge he'll get when he becomes a man cat! He's must be a direct decendent from the Egyptians cats! He's funny, he gets scared really easily and hates new people, but yet is psycho and flys about the house and just this weekend has taken to naps on the stairs! Strange spot for a cat nap I thought, but whatever.

I stayed home from work yesterday because Monday I started getting sick so I went home early from work so I could rest and not get super sick. It worked, I feel much better today, just tired, but that's normal for a person getting up at 5 am who isn't a morning person! I used to be a morning person when I was little, I would bounce out of bed and be all ready for the day. I was like my dad. Now I've inherited my mom's late nights and late mornings. I hate having to be in bed by 9 so I can actually wake up at 5! I feel like a little kid with a bedtime again. I start getting all ready at 8 and freak out if I'm not in bed by 9:15. But we're all in the same boat in our house so it makes it easier.

It's so boring here in the mornings. Because one I'm all alone for about an hour, and two I never have anything to do because Allan and Sandrine are busy getting their work ready for the day and forget about me usually. So I have to awkwardly ask if there's anything for me do. I hate not being able to start myself, hopefully within the next month or so I'll be able to start things on my own more, hopefully we'll get more jobs so I can actually start from the beginning of a project! I came in at the end of all these projects so I have no idea whats going on, or who people are when they email me about something. People think you should just know what project they're from and don't say in their emails so then I'm like what the heck are you asking me about! It's annoying. I'm starting to figure it out more though, so that's good. Well anyway that's all, I don't have anything to take about anymore, so I'm off to sit and ponder life while staring at my computer screen.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life begins again.

So I decided I'd start blogging again, it's fun and I enjoy it. Plus I'll blog but I won't journal, so it's a good way to remember my life. Don't ask about the address for my blog, it's a roommate joke, and we still can't remember how we came up with that saying, it just accidentally happened one night at dinner in Hollywood. And we all thought it was amazing, and now it's our house motto. Also our band name....had we a band.

So anyway here I am in California, doing the Southern Cali thing. Not really, the Southern Cali thing is living in the hills and being rich and trying to be an actress. We're living in a small town with 7 colleges and old people and just trying to live off jobs that pay way too little but look oh so good on resumes. I'm really not sure how long this Cali thing will go on, I still want to do school next year (which reminds me I need to start doing my applications). So pretty much I'm thinking I'm here for a year....which means until August probably. Ok so a year and a month. But if it last longer than that I'm cool with it, it's fun to live in a different state, although the whole not having seasons thing is freaking me out. I feel like it's still August when in fact we only have a week left until October frickin' starts! I've decided that California has two seasons...well SoCal has two and less hot. If it's the end of September and you can still lay outside by the pool in the sun you know you're in California. I kinda miss my rain, but not too much yet, I like having bright days it's much more rejuvinating. But I could use a rainy day everyonce in a while. Seriously the only rain we've had down here was I think my first week here and it rained for 10 minutes at about 9pm. It came like the fury of a thousand suns and was done with a snap of our fingers. It was weird.

So I have a job working for a lighting designer who is basically amazing, and is pretty well known in the design world (which btw is a weird weird world I'm not gonna lie). He's a cool boss and is super nice and he teaches me something new everyday. The days can be boring though, just because I can't do a whole lot yet on my own, so I do boring office stuff. But when I have actually done drawings in CAD Sandrine (the other person who has worked there for a long time) always says they look really nice and I don't have to change much on them other than where I've put some of the instructions or whatever. I've gone on a meeting with Allan (the boss) to a restaurant that we're re-doing lighting for (they did the lighting like 10 years ago) so that was fun to see how that all works. What else have I done...I got to learn all about LED from a rep the other day, they have some super cool new products. LED's are amazing...only a person with a design degree could get excited about LED! That shows how much of a dork I am!

Enough about work, next Friday the girls and I are going to Wicked! I'm really excited to see it, I've always heard it's amazing. The only sad thing is that the original cast members aren't in it, but it'll still awesome. We're gonna get dressed up and go out to dinner and have a fun out on the town. Even though we'll all be exhausted from getting up at 5 everyday and might quite possibly fall asleep during intermission! And then we have Halloween coming up and I'm going to be a bumble bee! I have my costume....well I just have to make it, I'll probably work on it this weekend. Heather's going to be Hannah Montana, and Ashlee is going to be a girl Hulk, she's the only one with her entire costume already. We think we'll go to West Hollywood, aparently that's where the party is at that night. So we were like mmmk. It'll be crazy, and I think we should have leashes so we don't loose eachother! And then the next day! we're going to see She & Him in concert! Oh man! I'm so excited! It'll be great! Well anyway I'm hungry and going to eat food now. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Life Of Jenny.