Sunday, October 26, 2008

Uh Oh it's happening again.

I'm starting to crave travel again. It always happens every few months, and last year was just wonderful because I went to Europe twice so my cravings were satisfied. I had trips to plan and dream about and look forward to. But now I have nothing. I seriously need to find a job that I can just travel the world for. Or maybe I'll just become a nomad and see the world. I don't know how I'd fund my travels but I'd figure that out when I need to. I really really really want to go to New Zealand right now! Like bad. Or I want to see South America! I want to see Ecuador again and more of it, and I want to see Chile and go to Patagonia and see the Andes and ski them! And I'd have to see Brazil! I want to go to's only a four hour flight from New York! And I need to see more of Britain and go to Greece again and see more islands. And I need to see Asia someday too. Oh so many places to go! Let's all quit our jobs, pack our backpacks, buy a ticket to somewhere and TRAVEL! After I do school and have worked for a year or two and saved money I'm do taking a year off and just traveling. I made this decision a few years ago. And it's so going to happen, you don't even know!