Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A picture a day keeps the doctor away.

I've started a new project. Or, well, started it about a week ago, on my 25th birthday. I'm doing a picture a day with my new and amazing Fujifilm Instax mini camera!

I love it so so so much! My awesome parents got it for me (mom's a photographer so gets easily excited about new toys!).  I am just taking pictures of anything and everything during the day. And then if I feel like it I might write a quick little note about that day. I'm not much a journaler (is that a word?) so I thought this would be a fun way for me to do it! 

Here's what my book looks like.

I just got a notebook and did decoupage on the front. I couldn't find any scrapbooks I liked or that would be big enough to hold 365 pictures so settled for a notebook.

I'm keeping is super simple, not doing much more than putting each days picture on a page and maybe doing a quick journal entry. If I did it all fancy shmansy I'd get tired of doing it everyday an stop; and I really really want to do it everyday until my birthday next year! 

Well anyway, I just wanted to share my fun little year long project! Hope your Hump Day was great! Mine was a laid back one including homework and watching movies with my laid up mommy. :)