Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Jenny/Curtis Project

Today my mom and I were eating breakfast (I made us french toast) and we turned on The Today Show and who was on the screen? Only my most favoritest chef ever! Curtis Stone! Oh I love him! I got to meet him last spring at a book signing! I was so excited I almost peed my pants! (not really don't worry)

There's the girls and me with Cutis. ::sigh:: I love him. Woah, sorry what just happened, ok back to what I was saying. So Curtis was on the Today Show and mom and I were talking about cooking and she said I should do " The Jenny/Curtis Project" and cook through his book Relaxed Cooking With Curtis Stone.

Yes its totally copying Julie from Julie and Julia but its such a fun idea! I do love to cook, I've gotten away from it the past couple years though, it just became so boring doing it for just myself. So anyway I think I'm going to start this project! I probably will only do a dish from each section a week so as not to overwhelm myself (I am a grad student after all and have important things to do). I'll keep you posted on how its going and share my cooking adventures in pictures and words! 

Let the wild cooking start!


Ashlee said...

so fun! excited to see how it goes and what your fav things are. the fam should do that here too since we have the same cookbook. ;)