Sunday, June 6, 2010

New diet adventure.

So I finally got The Kind Diet from the library, I put it on my list after watching an episode of Oprah (yes I watch Oprah, I can't help it, I think she has a lot of interesting things and people on her show) because I was curious what Alicia had to say!

After reading through the book it got me thinking about a new diet. 

So I think I'm going to attempt a vegan diet.

And my reasons are more for health than for animals. 

I love all creatures, yes even grody icky snakes (as long as they come no where near me).

But that's not my main reason for becoming vegan (and speaking of, I'm not sure I'll be purely vegan, I think I'll try to keep dairy to a minimum and no eggs, but I think I'll still cook/bake with butter and such.)

I mainly want to experiment with this and see if I get some energy back, I've had kinda a crazy health year and feel super tired and can't think straight like all the time. So I'm hoping this will give me energy and keep me feeling healthy. And I really don't eat a ton of meat anyway so going vegetarian will be no problem, but trying to be vegan will be harder. 

And sadly this means that I won't be able to complete cooking all the recipes from Curtis's book. sigh. I'll try to adapt as many as I can though. And I'll for sure finish his dessert section!

So anyway this is my new adventure in life. I'll post yummy recipes I find so you can try them as well. I'm not sure how this is going to work with already having to be gluten free, but we'll see. But it seems possible in things I've read.