Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 year old language.

For the past few months I've been helping a couple from my parents church by watching their two year old (my parents are the ones who "watch" her, but I end up doing it all, I don't mind though, it gives me something to do and who doesn't love playing kids). This week we've watched her everyday but one, and it was finally this week and I totally know what she is trying to say to us. Its pretty cute, becuase she tries so hard to get the words out right, but sometimes she's so excited that her mouth like gets stuck on one sound so it takes a while to get there. Theres still some things that I just don't know what they mean, so I just say ok and its usually fine.  Anyway I thought I'd share her language with you so here is Amya's dictionary:

opobobobpo = open this please

amymy hoyoyoyohoyo = Amya would like to hold it

diss = this

peesh = please

auhnuhn = I am all done eating now thank you

pay = come sit by me and play with the blocks

pibbytitty = Tibby Kitty (they're like bffs 4eva)

udertitty = "other kitty" (Sven the Cat)

naynay = Jenny

beb = Debb (mom)

BOB = bob (dad) (Amya loves him, she thinks he's awesome, which he is)

ches = cheese

caka = crackers

beebee Elmo = Sesame Street

piggy = Charlotte's Web

beebee einine = Baby Einstein

[insert name here] go = where did [insert name here] go?