Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009, you were fun!

Here are some of my memories of 2009. It was a most amazing year, 2010 I'm not sure if you can beat it (although next year will start out pretty awesomely, but more on that later).


Our girls from Seattle came to visit in the early January!

Then we went to Vegas for MY 24TH BIRTHDAY!!!

And the weekend after our trip to Vegas Ashlee and Heather and I got matching tattoos!


We explored the LACMA a bit. It's a really awesome art museum in LA.

Also we tried to crash the Oscars...didn't work so well.


I visited Washington DC for two days to interview at Corcoran School of Design. My brother and his wife live there right now so I stayed with them. It was a fun little weekend trip.


Sturtevent Falls

Big Sycamore Canyon

One of our best friend Caitlin got married in Seattle!!!


My mom and dad came and we hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Then we did Disney!


Our friend Janelle came to visit for a long weekend! We showed her Hollywood and our fave restaurant there, Ketchup.


We did a weekend trip to Palm Springs (more a winter or fall destination, wayyyy too hot in the Summer!)


we celebrated all the August birthdays with another trip to Vegas (this time all our Seattle girls came too).


I wasn't in California for much of September due to some medical things, but when I was there we explored a little bit of the Redlands. This was really cute coffee shop we found!


We got prepared for Where The Wild Things Are!

Took another trip to The Griffith Observatory! It's always worth a few hours, has great views when it's not too smoggy!

All the Seattle girls came down to celebrate Halloween LA style (Santa Monica blvd. complete craziness)


The first day of November was spent on the beach (only in Cali)

Mom came to visit to help me pack up all my stuff

We visited the Disney Concert Hall for the first time.

Mom wanted to do Disney one last time, and it was the best day ever there! we had so much fun!

We saw Landon Pigg in concert right before the twins moved home. It was a great way to end out time in California!

Then my parents came down again to celebrate Thanksgiving in San Diego.

And after that mom drove up the left coast with me to move me back home.


We haven't done a whole lot this last month, just the normal Christmas decorating and baking. These are my silly kitties.

Family time with grandma

Well those are some memories from 2009. I loved this past year so much. It had it's up and downs like any year does, but definitely more ups than downs. It was so fun to live in California and just to have fun (while working of course). It's been weird to be living at home now, but I know its for the best and everything this next year has to hold will be great!


Heather said...

it really was quite the year. now i wanna do a post like this one! :D

Ashlee said...

I miss you and your pink dress from the little dress shop. I have the sudden urge to wear it, but I don't know where I would wear it.