Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homesick for LA.

I turned on The Hills today while I am doing homework and I suddenly found myself so homesick for that city. Its just been a year and half since I moved away, it feels like yesterday and yet it feels like a lifetime ago I lived there! Sometimes it seems like it was a dream too. But it was the best time of my life! LA was where I grew up and learned who I was and what I can take and how strong I am. I remember that time for all the good things that happened, not the bad (a boy who broke my heart, a job I absolutely hated etc...); all I remember is that one 4th of July we spent at Crystal Cove and all came home burnt to a crisp. Our first Hollywood night and how my middle toe was numb for a month because of the shoes I was wearing, the night we stayed in a hotel after a concert so we wouldn't be late to work the next day, weekends spent screaming and laughing at Disneyland, days spent on the beach, seeing the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory, driving to San Diego on a whim for a concert, Ashlee and I driving home together from work on days she was in the city, seeing Wicked with all the girls, going to The Oscars (well watching the stars arrive from far away anyway), Halloween on Santa Monica blvd, walking around the town we lived in every night... Life has been pretty tame since we moved away, living with the parents and being poor while in grad school kinda cramps your style. I know I'll have other times in my life that will be awesome, like getting a job after this degree, whenever I get married and have kids, but I'll always remember my life in LA and I'll always have a soft spot for that city (don't ever dis SoCal around me!).

sorry for the random post, I'm just procrastinating from reading about a history of gardens and villas and I was dreaming of running away from this quarter to California. Happy weekend, hope you are doing something fun! I think I'm going to go to a roller derby competition with the girls tonight! I've never been to one before! So it shall be a new experience!


Heather said...

This post made me want to cry. I've been missing LA a lot lately too. It's funny how ready we all were to leave, but it really was such a wonderful place to live. Miss you. I'm so glad we were able to share that time together. It really was one of the best times of my life. Love you.