Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The bestest ever thing about California!

So this is my final "thing I love about California post". And this is the most important thing I love about being here. But its funny because it's not a thing that is particular to California really...or a thing really at all for that matter...

The thing I love MOST about California is my two best friends.

Ashlee, me and Heather showing off our matching "Everything Adventurous" tattoos

Us at a concert in January

My birthday get away in Las Vegas


At our friends wedding in Seattle in April

Being silly with our bull hats from El Torrito

Halloween 2008

At a concert in June

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to live without them. We do everything together. As you can tell Ashlee and Heather are twins and we've dubbed me the triplet. We know what each other is thinking just by the look on our faces.

We moved down here because we needed changes in our lives, and now we're leaving for the same reasons. But I'm not looking forward to the biggest change of all which will be not living with them. They're going home to Boise and I'm going home to Seattle. Not exactly close. I think there will be frequent texts and phone calls between the three of us. And as soon as I can, I'm making them move out to Seattle with me!

I guess I just know that moving means things will never be quite the same, which is good, it's part of becoming an adult (yuck) and independent (ok so I know I'm moving back in with my parents and that doesn't feel exactly independent, but hey, sometimes you need to ask for help). Anyway I'm just not sure what will happen after this move. What if one of us meets someone and gets engaged, what if someone gets an amazing job and can't live with the others again, what if....idk...just what if.

I know its silly to worry about things like that, but I can't help it, I do. I've had such an amazing year and a half with them down here that it makes me sad to see it coming to an end and changes taking place. But at the same time it's super exciting to see where life will take us next!

I love them so much and just wanted to share them with you all, because they're my favorite. Ever.