Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm getting into the swing of school it feels like and yet our semester is like half over already! I'll actually be really quite happy when these classes are done, my drafting class is kinda annoying because I've know everything already and my prof is really anal so therefore I get annoyed because I've never been one of the those super detail oriented anal designers. I'm more worried about the big picture and the fuctionality of the space not how the one tiny line that is just perfectly drafted. I think amazingly I'll be happy to start CAD again next semester! Who knew I'd ever actually rather do CAD than hand drafting?? I used to HATE it with a PASSION!! But now it's like second nature to me since I'm doing it everyday at work. 

My drawing class is ok, I know why we need to take it but I think our prof is just a drawing a prof and not an architectural drawing prof so he made us draw people for a while and I was like um wtf mate? I'm not a figure drawer! Just teach me how to draw a room and we're good. Hopefully my next classes will be a bit better! I'm just over these ones already. But I'm happy to finally be in school and heading in the direction I want to be. 

I still have no idea where this will lead thought. We'll see. I keep thinking more and more about universal design. I have no idea how you get into that area of interior design, or even if you can, but I think I would really love to specialize in that. For those of you who don't know UD is designing spaces basically so that everyone can use it, average people, people using wheel chairs, people with other disabilities, super tall people, super short people. I just think its such a cool area of design. I loved that class in my undergrad, because I think spaces should be accessible to everyone, not just the average person. Sorry, that was my rant about that. :) 

Well that was all really. I didn't have much to write about, just thought I'd update about school. It's so cool to look back and see how God brought me to this school. He didn't make Sydney work out, I never got into the other schools I applied to, I moved down here and got a great job with a designer, Ashlee found this school and at the last minute I was like why not what the heck I'll apply and bam. Its just so crazy. So I keep telling myself, even though wasn't the exact degree I thought I wanted God is making it happen for a reason, so I'm just going along and waiting to see what He makes happens with it. Ok that's all. Good night.